The PROTECT Group has been established by the Port Authorities of major ports in Europe, supported by their Port Community systems. The Group aims to harmonise the implementation of the UN/EDIFACT standard messages for vessel reporting in the different ports.

The PROTECT Group has developed the UN/EDIFACT standard messages for the electronic notification of Dangerous Goods (IFTDGN) and of waste (WASDIS) to Port Authorities. 

The PROTECT Group has further developed MIG"s - Message Implementation Guides - for these messages and also for the acknowledgement message from the Port Authority and for the berth (request) management message (BERMAN) to Port Authorities.

Very recently the work of this group has resulted in the completion of a universal implementation guide.

In April 2005 the PROTECT Group released a new version of the PROTECT Message Scenario, also called the PROTECT Guide. This PROTECT Guide together with an introduction can be downloaded from the PROTECT website 


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