Meeting # 68 took place on October 4 and 5, 2016 in Hamburg. Click to go to the webpage of meeting # 68

The SMDG meetings format has been enhanced by the addition of a permanent 3rd day dedicated to Common Intercompany Communication and business Process.

The format will now be:

  • 1st day Subgroup meeting to wrap up actions and materials produced between both bi annual sessions:
  • 2nd day will be the plenary sessions will be used to communicate on the achievement and start the nest action plan with the input of the full SMDG attendance.
  • 3rd day will be dedicated to the Common Intercompany Communication and business Process.

It will address the issues of the business implementations and process to enable efficient and accurate usage of the EDI format and industry feedback on regulation implementations or business needs (VGM, COPRAR exchange within alliances, TPFREP…).
It will also address recommendations for IT providers for their own development road map to insure proper and efficient systems integrations through EDI et al.
This will enable the SMDG to move forward on the implementation actions plan, define the business requirements of the industry for the next SMDG bi annual general meetings, implement further subgroups work.


Next meeting: 14-16 March 2017,

The 69th SMDG Meeting will be hosted from 14-16 March 2017 in Genoa/ Italia by MSC/LENAVI





14 March 2017 Subgroup meeting

15 March 2017 Plenary session

16 March 2017 Intercompany communications and and process review

Further details to be announced.

See the Next Meeting page for more information.