Meeting #73 (Maasvlakte)

The 73rd SMDG Meeting was hosted  by SMDG e.V. February 2019 in Maasvlakte

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Detailed final Agenda

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Please find in the link the Final Agenda for SMDG meeting 73 in  NLMSV 

Tuesday          12 February 2019 Opening plenary and key note speech - session /Subgroup meeting including process for each subjects
Wednesday     13 February 2018 Subgroup meeting including process for each subjects
Thursday         14 February 2018 Sub groups on web services and Future of SMDG e.V. Plenary  

Minutes meetings

Status: final AD, TS, BP/ draft TS 4 - 5
Dateline: 18/03/2019 - final
Next step date line: final 15/04/2018


Keynote on the Data Standards for International Trade

Sue Probert, Chair of UNCEFACT

Sue Probert gave a remarkable Keynote speach on the effort on data standards for international Trade.
The Historic of Shipping standards was fully describe through the business case of the MultiModal transport (MMT) that manage structure of trade and transport data and coordinates it.

In addition the Business requirement Specification methodology was also exposed as optimum on the standardisation methodology process from user story to document definition for robust standard solutions

Please find below the links of the important documents presented by Sue Probert
Key notes 20180309 SMDG #73 UNCEFACT Global Maritime Standards Nov 2018 S Proberts .pdf
key notes 20180309 SMDG #73 BRS-BSP v0.7 S Probert.pdf


Executive summary

1- SMDG e.V. was created taking over previous SMDG scope

The status, were approved by german authorities. We have now all due taxes and commercail authorities numbers for all operational activities. 
The first independent action has been realised with the first independent self sustained Meetings
Action is on going by Jost Müller on the invoicing for 2019 and solving the remaining administration isuues for the payments of 2018 fees. A big commend on mr Müller work solving many admin issues. A big thank also for HLL martin Gnass team for their support. 

2- Important Work on BAPLIE, Movins, TPFREP, IFSAI, Web SERVICE, IOT and Blockchain New sub group:

A- Technical Stream Subgroups acheived a great work within the short inter plenary session (4 months i/o 6 months usually)
21 DMRs were registered on BAPLIE, MOVINS, IFTMBF, IFSAI, TPFREP. Great presentation were made and high value added discussion were enable by the updated meeting format: Subgroups separations, long sessions up to 3 hours, comprehensive user stories including process, best practices. 

B-  Business Process stream  including Business best prcatices, certifications (GEFEG), webservices, IoT and Blockchains presented very impressive work at different stage of maturity.

1 - Best Practices, GEFEG FX: GEFEG representative presented the actual work stage on the GEFEG FX set up with Jost Müller from SMDG e.V. The capabilities are up to requirements to enable a best practices and certification platforms for all EDI messages developped from the officials 95 B or 00 B structure to the latest 19A structures. The First files developped or in developments are: BAPLIE, MOVINS, COPRAR, IFTMBF-BC, TPFREP,  IFSAI:

The tools is also from now on the documenation frame work bases. It enables synchronisation of the data structures through different format. For example, the change requested by IFTMBF sub group under the chair of MSC had also application and impact on all IFTXXX EDI standards and DMRs were prepared as such.

The tool will also enable the implementation of the work of the Best Business practices implementation either by enabling a real contract tual recommendation on VSA EDI exchange agreements by a 3rd party, or by enabling to implement new error messages within the check and certification schema.

Merged with the containermessage subgroups and GEFEG sessions, Mr Vangeon chair of Business Best Practices reviwed all container messages with Mr wauters and their subgroups to lay down the first priciple for the general EDI recommendation for 2020.

2 - Webservice, IoT, Bockchain: Brilliant presentation made by Tamme. Delegates feedback positive on the standard expressed and proof of concept were exposed. Great user stories and solution found. Modern methodology based on scrum. web services is now in position to publish an dimplement the first web services standrds on schedule. Mme Becha presented the status of the sub groups on IoT as chair of the INCEFACT IoT. With Traxens support, IoT acheived great milestones within the process to follow to build up standard. Blockachain held its first meeting with great updates from CGI, ABN AMRO and Port of Rotterdam. Terminals, carriers and 3Pls were represented.

3- Next meeting will be announced by June for fall 2020 with a sight on Singapore

SMDG e.V. will report on the 21 Dmr and the new MIGs from GEFEG FX. It will also make MAJOR update recommendations for UNCEFACT EDI best practices between 95B, 00b and up to 19A.
Update on GEFEG implementation for EDI certification. Discusssion of modality of certifications with members for memebers and non members
New secretary general elections


Minutes meetings

1/ Administration

    General and Admin      
No. Agenda Point/Item Description Action Party Deadline
associated documentation
AD1 General comment on the Agenda Meeting # 73 was exeptional on:
1 - The Content of the Subgroups and plenary sessions also by 
2 - The number and quality of the attendees as well as
3 - Wonderful organisation from 
Big thanks to our Treasurer on the funding organisation     
1st historical event fully organised and sef financed by SMDG e.V.
Big thanks to all participating members for their lunch participation
Bruis Van Driel
Arthur Touzot
  DAD1 -SMDG #73-20190308 Agenda-final .pdf                       
DAD2- SMDG #73-20190309 presentation.pdf
AD2 General comment on the Agenda 2 Meeting #73 is the second SMDG e.V Plenary meeting that enable a large part of the  community to level up on SMDG, UNCEFACT, Subgroups works , statutes and organisations. 
A lot of work has been acheived in those 3 days with 21 DMRs reviewed and majors advensment on standardisation schema from UNCEFACT to IoT , Blockchain and web services. Please alos have a close look at the UNCEFACT MMT as you review your data structure.
GEFEG presenred its work on the GEFEG FX to build up the documentation and standard certification platforms with great satistactory output
Arthur Touzot    
AD3 SMDG e.V. Legal Structure 1 New Legal Structure is a German Club "eingetragener Verein".
SMDG was refounded as an "e.v" on 11th of October 2018 by delegates acclamations is effective.
SMDG e.V. would like to thank Mr Jost Müller for his full time benevolent work to enable full registration of the association. Please refer to the legal notice pages for all legal information
Arthur Touzot
Jost Müller
AD4 SMDG e.V. Legal Structure 1 The seats of General Secretary is open for elections in next SMDG #74. By vote of the members, Job descriptions of the organisation including the role of general secretary has been prepared by Jost Müller and is availiable for candiates. Please contact for details and references. Candidates from Carriers members were recommended Jost Müller
Arthur Touzot
AD5 Future meetings Meeting #74 will be in TBA in fall 2019, format to be announced:
- DMR 19 A/B for IFTMBF, BAPLIE, MOVINS, IFTISAI, TPFREP/ Industry process and communication
- CODE LISTS management (type, country, terminal, depot, handling..)/ Industry process and communication
- Web services
- Blockchain
Main Hosts: APMT, ECT, RWG TBC Network Host: TBC
Board objectives: 
- Publish recommendation to update to **A/B forevery format--BP Coprar
- Extend to main shippers and IT/Banking providers SMDG standardisation work: DHL, JOS, ABN/AMRO(BC), finilyse subgroup blockchain
- Extend to Asian carriers and main terminal operators SMDG standardisation work. DPworld, PSA global, Cosco terminal
SMDG Board
Jost Müller

2/ Technical Stream Subgroups

All subgroups were reconfirmed during the plenary session # 73. Please check sub group pages also or contact your chairperson or

    Technical subgroups recap      
No. Agenda Point/Item Description Action Party Deadline
associated documentation
TS1 UN/EDIFACT Directory maintenance Formal process of DMR has been explained. Main DMR for 19A detailed. 8 weeks before UN/Cefact Forum, DMR have been submitted. This has an impact over meeting #73 schedule. Please see the DMR on going Inside the pdf. Jost Müller Next UNCEFACT plenary beg of april DTS1 - SMDG #73-20190309 - DMR-summary - JM.pdf
 TS1  BAPLIE/MOVINS  Scope, subgroup members and next items details. Please see subgroup web page for best updates of subgroup members
1/ BAPLIE extension for “agreed number of slots”
2/ Discussion about new version BAPLIE 2.3 referring to code lists
3/ Design of MOVINSv3
- Definition of features 
- Message structure (basically inherited from BAPLIEv3)
- Develop guidelines for usage of Edifact groups, segments, composites and data elements
- Definition of new codes
- Finalize Message Implementation Guide
Current Subgroup confirmed 
Jost Müller   DTS2 - SMDG #73-20190309 BaplieMovins-WG JM.pdf

DTS3 - SMDG #73-20190309 BaplieMovins-summary JM.pdf


TS2 CODELIST and BIC  Jasmin made a focus on the rocmmendation that a UNLOC is not a Terminal code. A Terminal code is UNLOC + SMDG Terminal code.
On going inventory of loc codes with geolocalisation framework. Work with BIC
On Going project for the review of JM4 Handling codes. This work is also needed for the work of Jost on Baplie 3.x and Movins 3.x BIC reminded the allocation of Depot Codes and the necessary update of ISO 6336 for the container type to reflect the accurcy needed in digitalisation age. 
New methodology used by SMDG on carrier codes to align with BIC SCAC code creating a master code. see presentation
Jasmin Droenner
Arthur Touzot
Jost Müller
Next meeting SMDG #74 DTS4 - SMDG #73-20190309 - SMDG_Rotterdam_Terminal Codes_20190212 JD.pdf

DTS5 - SMDG #73 - 20190309 - SMDG sub-workgroup CODES-session Terminal Codes-minute_NLRTM_20190212.pdf

DTS6 - SMDG #73 - 20190311 - SMDG sub-workgroup CODES-session Liner Codes-AT.pdf


TS3 CONTAINER MESSAGE  see minutes meetings Business process streams Paul Wauters
Julien Vangeon
Next meeting SMDG #74 DBP1 - SMDG 73#-20190309- SMDGContainerMessagesRotterdam2019V2.pdf
TS4  TPFREP  New version 3.0 is in work.
All changes were approved by UN/CEFACT, details on the PPT presentation.
MIG is in work in the IFTSAI subgroup.
Details for the MIG discussed in workgroup meeting:
>> Glossary for definition of terms will be added to MIG:
Vessel Operator, VSA Partner, incoming vs outgoing voyage
Which qualifier to be used for voyage number:TDT+20+Export number or RFF+VON or =>
>> explain on separate document the usage !

Which qualifier for the Call Reference ID: RFF+ or ???
> SMDG Carrier Code List mandatory, not optional
> use RFF+ATZ for Call Reference ID not RFF+CRN
> FTX+AUY Service code or Name= "based on mutual agreement"
>> new CODE LIST needed for Delay Reason Codes!
> use codes PORT and STBD for side of the vessel in de1153
> de8179 both codes for "ship" and "ocean vessel" needed ?
> EQD/EQN: do not show AN4 in the comment. Show examples and refer to ISO6346 and possibly the %% wildcard
> SG11 NAD mention the word Co-Loader also (or just VSA Partner?)
> what is LOC+153 ?
Michael Schroeder Next meeting SMDG #74 DTS6 - SMDG #73 - TPFREP SMDG meeting Rotterdam 2019-02.pdf

New version 4.1 is in work.
All changes were approved by UN/CEFACT, details on the PPT presentation.

Michael Schroeder Next meeting SMDG #74  DTS7 - SMDG #73 - IFTSAI  SMDG Meeting Rotterdam 2019-02.pdf

 3 / Business Process stream

All subgroups were reconfirmed during the plenary session # 72. Please check sub group pages also or contact your chairpaerson or


    Business process efficiency and Best practices of implemetation      
No. Agenda Point/Item Description Action Party Deadline
associated documentation
BP1 SMDG/ UN/Edifact Business Process efficiency
Comment on BP 1-2-4 The essence and sens of SMDG:
Julien Vangeon is taking over the initiative lauched in SMDG #66 on business process by Ann-Christin Fröhmcke to take it further under the vigourous demand of ZIM. 
The objectives is to recommend versions and best process of use and Business It implemenation.
The Demand is to stream line and clean the industry of the substandards in use. Vigourous debate on the proposal on 95B - 00B 19A...No good answer. 
The proposal of work ahead from Julien would be to run the process throught coprar as it is a key optimization factor today in the EDI chain for load list consolidation.
The Secretary general made the point that:
1/ a standard is a standard only if it can be checked at any point of time by a standard scale. GEFEG to provide the platform for it
2/ A standard is a standrd only if it is used. The point of SMDG is to enable partners to synchronise their develpment effort with practical solutions. The time of the update and cost is more an issue than the cost as is. It coiuld be done and considered as the new IMO DAGO where major release are done every 1 year with optional / Beta implemetation on the first year- mandatory compatibility on the second...

Julien to work with Paul, GEFEG and his subgroup and present a Business implementation package for COPRAR efficiency implemenation. CtoC, CTV, VTOC, TTOT, CTOT, TOC flow to and process to analyse, best prcatice and error message to inventory and integrate with GEFEG
Julien Vangeon
Paul Wauters
 Next meeting SMDG #74 DBP1 - SMDG 73#-20190309- SMDGContainerMessagesRotterdam2019V2.pdf
template of document dicussed by J Vangeon
DBP2 - SMDG #72-20181106-Recommendation #06 Schöder Ben Shimon Vangeon.pdf


BP2  BAPLIE/COPRAR GEFEG validation platform SMDG A fair agreement form frm GEFEG has been proposed. Board to discuss but Tresurer and Vice Chairman ok on the terms and started the further exchange pending final board approval. Solution part of the Above recommendation in building by Julien Fathy Abouelsaad
Tayfun Merme
Julien Vangeon
Arthur Touzot
Jost Müller


Next meeting SMDG #74 DBP3 - SMDG #73 - GEFEG Presentation - SMDG Validation Portal.pdf
BP3 Web Service  Very active and deep knownlage new group rose in an impresseive session on web sevices and standardisation implementation recommendation.
Big thanks to Hapag-Lloyd team that came as well as Ray Shraft Hyland team for their expertise
It gave the full meanning of what SMDG e.V. is about and is inspiring SMDG e.V. reach to blockchain
to IoT and to blockchain.
All documentation availaible on demande as well as participation to subgroup chat contact Tamme
·         Presented first Web Service API Pilot concept
·         Swagger Editor Introduction
·         Introduced plan to implement API Portal for the SMDG website
·         Discussed possible use cases to be implemented for the first active pilot
·         Agreed on Vessel Schedule web service API to be developed and implemented as first pilot
Involved parties are PSA Antwerp, Portbase, Eurogate and Hapag-Lloyd
Tamme Bohlen
Raymond Schraff
Next meeting SMDG #74 DBP4 - SMDG #73 - Web Sevices 11022019 SMDG Web Service API Workgroup TB.pdf
BP4 IoT Mme Becha, presented the resuts and organisation of UNCEFACT IoT chair. It detailed the mecahnism to ellaborate stnadradisation illustrating the key note from Sue Probert.

1 / White paper (done)
2/ Business Requirements Specification (BRS)    
3/ Requirements Message Specification (RSM)
4/ Standardized message structure based on the MMT Reference Data Model
Current stage: 3-4 18 use cases are identified, business process reference model advanced
 Hanane Becha Next meeting SMDG #74
Next Milestone UNCEFACT Geneva
DBP5 -SMDG #73 -Smart Container Project Hanane BECHA SMDG 73 Rotterdam.pdf
BP5 Blockchain Tom organised blockchain management business case demonstration with ABN Amro and Port of Rotterdam.
The dmonstration was quite convincing. We current stagesaw an element of disruption as per car manufacturing moving chain were the act of take the data is the marker and not the time, or space you are VS you should. It enable also the clear owner of the event and tracking attached to the ledger he generated.
First user stories were overlooked throught different business cases detailed by CGI, ABN amro and port of rotterdam.
The next step is to follow up on the UNCEFACT standardisation schema: 

1 / White paper (done)
2/ Business Requirements Specification (BRS)    current stage
3/ Requirements Message Specification (RSM)
4/ Standardized message structure based on the MMT Reference Data Model

representation to next UNCEFACT meeting
Tom Van Dijk

 Next meeting SMDG #74 DBP6 - SMDG #73 - 190219 Recap SMDG Blockchain Subgroup- CGI location.pdf

DBP7 - SMDG #73 - 190211 SMDG Blockchain Approach- Tvd.pdf

DBP8 - SMDG #73 - ÐΞLIVΞR PDF v019.pdf


  SMDG Company Contact SMDG e.V.   Boat Tour  SMDG e.V.     Network Event SMDG e.V
meeting #73 sessions   meeting #73 sessions meeting #73 meeting #73
24     Subgroup     SS Rotterdam Plenary #2
        12-Feb-19 Blue 12-Feb-19 13-Feb-19 Blue Yellow 13-Feb-19 14-Feb-19
1 Chairman APM Terminals/Maersk Bruis
Van Driel
No   No No     No Yes
2 Secretarie General Independent Arthur Touzot Yes x Yes Yes x   Yes Yes
3 Chairman BAPLIE and MOVINS German consultant Jost
Yes x Yes Yes x   Yes Yes
4 Chairman VERMAS, TPFREP, IFTSAI Hapag Lloyd AG Michael Schroeder Yes x Yes Yes x   Yes Yes
5 Member Rep Chairman carrier process,  CMA-CGM Julien Vangeon Yes x Yes Yes x   Yes Yes
6 Chairman of the web services Hyland Software, LLC., Westlake, OH Raymond Schraff Yes x Yes Yes   x Yes Yes
7  Co  - Chairman of the web services Hapag Lloyd AG Tamme Bohlen Yes x Yes Yes x   Yes Yes
8 Chairman Container messages PSA Antwerp Paul
Yes x Yes Yes x   Yes Yes
9 Co Chairman SMDG/UN Codes Eurogate Container Terminal Hamburg GmbH Jasmin Droenner Yes x Yes Yes x   Yes Yes
10 Block chain Chairperson CGI Tom Van Dijk Yes x Yes Yes   x Yes Yes
11 Institutional members - UNCEFACT  Traxens  Hanane Becha Yes x Yes Yes   x Yes Yes
12 Institutional members - UNCEFACT  SEPIA Sue Probert Yes x Yes Yes x   Yes Yes
13 Intitutional member BIC Giordano GUERRINI No x No Yes x   Yes Yes
14 Intitutional member GEFEG mbh Fathy Abouelsaad Yes x Yes Yes x   Yes Yes
15 Intitutional member GEFEG mbh Tayfun Merme Yes x Yes Yes x   Yes Yes
16 Regional Corporate Member Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. Ishii
No x Yes Yes   x Yes Yes
17 Global Corporate Member KLU Naouar Elkhadiri Yes x Yes Yes   x Yes Yes
18 Intitutional member CGI Reinier Beeckman No x Yes Yes   x No No
19 Regional Corporate Member portbase Marcel Coumans Yes x Yes Yes x   Yes Yes
20 Regional Corporate Member Kockumation Group Henrik Monberg Carlsen Yes x Yes Yes x   Yes Yes
21 Global Corporate Member ECT Delta Terminal Marcel Waard Yes x Yes Yes x   Yes Yes
22 Global Corporate Member Rotterdam World gateway Robert Roestenburg Yes x Yes Yes x   Yes Yes
23 Member Malta Freeport Terminal Ltd. Jesmond Baldacchino No x Yes Yes   x Yes Yes
24 Global Corporate Member Navis Ashish
No x No No tbn tbn Yes Yes
25 Regional Corporate Member Nile Dutch Africa Line Peter
Yes x Yes Yes x   Yes Yes
26 Regional Corporate Member Hamburg Sud Mark
Yes x Yes Yes x   Yes Yes
27 Guest grimaldi Line Arno
No x No No x   No No
28 Global Corporate Member Maersk Hans
Yes x Yes Yes x   Yes Yes
29 Regional Corporate Member Eucon Melissa Clinton No x No Yes   x Yes No
30 Guest Commodity Supplies AG Ashot Arakeljan No x No No x x No No
31 Guest Independent
IT Germany
Rainer Hartmann No x No Yes   x Yes No
32 Regional Corporate Member Hamburg Sud Thomas
Yes x Yes Yes   x Yes Yes
33 Regional Corporate Member Hamburg Sud Pujan
Yes x Yes Yes   x Yes No
34 Guest Independent expert Andre Wolf Yes x Yes Yes x   Yes Yes


Europaweg 902
3199 LC Maasvlakte Rotterdam, Netherlands

Hotel recommendation was:
(bus transportation to/from the events will be provided)

SS Rotterdam
3e Katendrechtsehoofd 25
3072 AM Rotterdam, Netherlands

DAD7- 20181105 f SMDG #73 NLMSV Delegate brochure Lightl package.pdf 


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