Next Meeting # 71 (Paris)

The 71th SMDG Meeting is hosted from 11-12-13 April 2018 in Paris/ France by BIC, Bureau International des Containers , Bolloré Ports, Atseaconsulting















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The Venue will be Hôtel««« Vacances Bleues Business Provinces Opéra: 
36, rue de l’Echiquier – 75010 Paris

Room Price starting at 106,5 Euros incl VAT  per day

BIC is sponsoring the meetings rooms with thanks
Oter sponsoring opportunities still open for the coffe breaks * 6, the lunches *3 and the evening network events *2
Please contact 

Wednesday 11 April 2018 Subgroup meeting
Thursday     12 April 2018 Plenary session
Friday          13 April 2018 Intercompany communications and and process review

Please find the Provisional Agenda here  subject to change upon members requests


Main Topics:

SMDG: looking forward to move on IMO and industry agenda on increasing efficiency of transaction transmission and visibility

1/ Future of SMDG / Status and budget/ Votation on status and Budget 

2/ Advancement on EDI: BAPLIE, MOVINS, IFTSAI, TPFREP, Container Messages norms, vessel data sharing
3/ Web sevices and normalisation of intercompany communications: Best practices 


This is an exceptional SMDG meetings as New status will be finalised, as long as Mission, budget, Governance, and content to move forward on IMO and industry agenda on increase of efficiency.

Data shows that compliance and attendence to SMDG meetings, standards and processes is one of the trigger for stakeholder efficiency (terminal, carrier, vessel, shipper and port authority communication, It systems...) 

IMO: Mandatory Electronic Data Interchange is on Horizon

FAL 40 adopted new mandatory requirements on Electronic Data Interchange. According to the new standard, Public Authorities have to establish systems for the electronic exchange of information by 8 April 2019. A period of no less than 12 months for transition to the mandatory use of the systems shall be provided from the date of the introduction of such systems.

A new Recommended Practice encourages the use of the "single window" concept, to enable all the information required by public authorities in connection with the arrival, stay and departure of ships, persons and cargo, to be submitted via a single portal without duplication.


We invite all members or perspetive members, from

  • Business expert, EDI managers, IT managers...
  • Europe, Asia, Middle East, Oceania, Africa and the Americas....
  • Stakeholders such as: 
    • Carriers, ( MSK, MSC, CMA, COSCO, HLL, ONE, EVA, YANG MING, ZIM, PIL, WANG HAI....UNIFEEDER, NILE Dutch, SIMATECH...) and assicated ship owners ( NSB, Peter Dohle, Navios...)
    • IT Providers (IBM, SAP, GTNEXUS, INTTRA, NAVIS, TSB, TGI, SOLVO, XVELA, COSMOS, Hyland, Cyberlogitec,KOKUMATION, GEFEG, EXIS, Solvermind ....)
    • Port Authority and represenatives ( Rotterdam, le havre, DAKOSY, asian, middle east, african, european and american port authorities ......)
    • Associations representatives ( PROTECT, IPCSA, ITTIG, BIC, ICHCA...),
    • Consultant, ( Container-logic, Atseaconsulting, Port economics.. ) other linked association memebers such as PROTECT, IPCSA and linked to the Maritime Industry on data exchange and business procvess 

You can register for the next meeting by e-mail to the SMDG secretariat.( and with  Tiana Randriamose in copy for the invitation letters

Please indicate the following in your application:

1/ Name/ Surname
2/ Company represented
3/ Actual member or not
4/ Attendance to days: Sub group/ plenary/ intercompany process and web services
5/ Event sponsoring (welcome network event on the 1st day, SMDG Diner on the second day, farewell network event on the 3rd day, Lunch or coffe break for the 3 days)
6/ Visa needed or not
7/ If a visa is needed, please add a scan of your passport for the invitation letter/ beware that schengen Visa can take up to 3 weeks

Please check if you need visa application:


Present Attendees

  SMDG Company Contact SMDG meeting 71 Subgroup SMDG meeting 71 plenary SMDG meeting Process day
        11/4/2018 12/4/2018 13/4/2018
1 Chairman APM Terminals Bruis van Driel TBC TBC TBC
2 Secretary General ATSEA Consulting Arthur Touzot yes yes yes
3   ATSEA Consulting Jessica Nielsen yes yes yes
4 Host BIC Jorn Heerulff yes yes yes
5 Chairman VERMAS, TPFREP, IFTSAI Hapag Lloyd AG Michael Schroeder yes yes yes
6 Member Rep Chairman carrier process,  CMA-CGM Julien vangeon yes yes no
7 Chairman BAPLI and MOVINS German consultant Jost Muller yes yes yes
8 Co Chairman SMDG/UN Codes Eurogate Container Terminal Hamburg GmbH Jasmin Droenner yes yes yes
9 Co Chairman SMDG/UN Codes Maersk Line IT Patrick Straka yes yes yes
10 Chairman of the container message web services and industry requirement for advance process tools  Hyland Software, LLC., Westlake, OH Raymond Schraff yes yes yes
11 Co Chairman Container messages PSA/ Cosmos Paul Wauters yes yes yes
12 Member Japan shipping representative EDI expert  Yoshi Kito yes yes yes
13 Member MSC / MSC LENAVI Stefano Ottonello yes yes yes
14 Member Kockumation Group Henrik Monberg Carlsen yes yes yes
15 Member Traxens  Hanane Becha yes yes yes
16 Member HHLA Container Terminals GmbH Heidi Stemler yes yes yes
17 Member XVELA Wendy Jaramillo yes yes yes
18 Member Bollore terminal caroline guerin yes yes yes
19 Guest SEPIA Sue Probert yes yes No
20 Member Hapag Lloyd AG Bohlen, Tamme yes yes yes
21 Guest  Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology Dr Daisuke Watanabe yes yes yes
22 Member German consultant Peter Horstkorte yes yes yes
23 Member Malta Freeport Terminal Ltd. Jesmond Baldacchino yes yes yes
24 Member Malta Freeport Terminal Ltd. Hein Chetcuti yes yes yes
25 Member ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd Ori Ben-Shimon yes yes yes
26 Member Exis Technologies James Douglas No yes yes
27 Member ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd Vlad Komarov yes yes yes
28 Member Particio Alain Ayala yes No No
29 guest GEFEG Fathy.Abouelsaad yes yes yes
30 Guest PSA VTE Renzo Nurchi yes yes No
31 Guest PSA VTE Marco Ravaglia yes yes yes
      number of attendant 29 29 26


Canditates can apply at 
Candidates for Fall 2018 meeting and after will be decided during the 71th SMDG Meeting.