SMDG Code list

Code lists maintained by the SMDG are:

  • Master Liner Codes
  • Terminal Facility Codes
  • Handling Codes (introduced with BAPLIE 3.0)
  • Blocking Codes (introduced with BAPLIE 3.0)
  • ATT Codes (introduced with BAPLIE 3.0)
  • Delay Codes (IFTSAI and TPFREP)
  • SMDG Codes on VGM Information (new)

Main purpose:

Main purpose of this sub group is to stream line the edition and correct use of UN LOC code and EDI / SMDG code lists from ISO code boxes (in cooperation with BIC) to handling codes to locations codes including terminal codes. Different stakeholders are using different codes from their internal systems to their communication systems creating a lot of work of Transcoding tables between internal systems and external. Part of it is due to the either the lack of UN clarity or UN codes with the different locations, part of it is due to legacy practices that needs industry recommendation to evolve and become efficient.

Indicate the discharge location of a container if a vessel calls at multiple terminals within a port

For example, Hamburg port DEHAM with HHLA terminals CTA and CTB…

Identification of terminals:

Unique by a combination of UN/LOCODE and Terminal Code to streamline the industry on this use.

Ocean carriers are sometimes producing their own norms, internal coding systems adding 3 or more letters to the 5 Un loc code. Those are not aligned between alliance partners and should be avoided.

Container ISO codes

Needs better requirements and documentations for proper follow up and application.

The workgroup consists of the following SMDG members:

  • Patrick Straka (MSK) - Chairman
  • Jasmin Drönner (Eurogate) - Co- Chairman
  • Stefano Ottonello (MSC)
  • Marc Jordens (HSD)
  • Emmanuel Odartey (TEC)
  • Mario Scimone (La Spezia Container Terminal)
  • Arthur Touzot (SMDG/ATSeaconsulting)
  • Ricardo Wagner (Compta Emerging Business)

Contact  Patrick Straka  , and/ or Jasmin Drönner  or  to join the workgroup