IFTSAI (Vessel Schedules)

IFTSAI are use to transfer vessel schedules to different parties: Lines to terminals, lines to clients, lines to lines

latest work involves Cut-off dates (closing dates) that are typically agreed between a shipping line and a terminal. They denote the latest arrival time at the gate for accepting cargo to reach a certain vessel. There can be different cut-off times for general cargo, hazardous cargo, out of gauge etc.


  • Cut-off times are transmitted in IFTSAI as part of the vessel schedule, and in IFTMBC with the booking confirmation from the carrier to the shipper.
  • During the VGM implementation it became clear that a new cut-off time for the VGM was needed. In that course it became obvious that the existing qualifiers for other cut-offs are insufficient and incomplete.
  • Therefore, we are proposing in total five DMRs for new qualifiers.
  • This work could also be transferred to COPINO


The workgroup consists of the following SMDG members:

  • Michael Schroeder (Hapag Lloyd) - Chairman
  • Marc Jordens (HSD)
  • Boudewijn de Kievit (ECT)
  • Patrick Straka (MSK)
  • Bruis van Driel (SMDG/AMPT)
  • Hans Vlasblom (ECT)

If you wish to join the workgroup, please send your request to Michael Schroeder

Further documentation can be found in IFTSAI