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The 69th SMDG Meeting has been hosted from 14-16 March 2017 in Genoa/ Italia by MSC/LENAVI

SMDG would like to thank MSC/LENAVI Dott. Franco Zuccarino  (CEO&President)  and Mr Stefano Ottonelo for their wonderful venue and organisation in Genoa

SMDG would like to thank Rohit Oberoi and SolverMind for the sponsoring of the subgroup meeting diner





ChairmanAPM TerminalsBruis Van Driel
Secretary GeneralATSEA Consulting Arthur Touzot
Host MSC LENAVI Stefano Ottonello
Chairman VERMAS, TPFREP, IFTSAI Hapag Lloyd AG Michael Schroeder
Hapag Lloyd AG Bruno Cinelli
Member Rep Chairman carrier process CMA-CGM Frederic Hebert
Chairman BAPLI and MOVINS NAVIS Interschalt Maritime Systems Gmdh-Müller+Blanck Software GmbH Jost Muller
Co Chairman Container messages HHLA Container Terminals GmbH Sönke Witt
Co Chairman SMDG/UN Codes Eurogate Container Terminal Hamburg GmbH Jasmin Droenner
Member NAVIS Interschalt Maritime Systems Gmdh-Müller+Blanck Software GmbH Peter Horstkorte
MemberJapan shipping representative EDI expert Yoshi Kito
Guest BIC Giordano GUERRINI
Member Unifeeder Klaus Hollaender
Member Compta Emerging Business Ricardo Wagner
Member Malta Freeport Terminal Ltd. Jesmond Baldacchino
Member Mersin International port Cagdas Duran
Member Mersin International port Burga Bilginer
Member Nile Dutch Africa Line Peter van Santen
Guest GEFEG mbh Vitali terentiev

Michael Dill
Member Traxens Hanane Becha
Member Traxens Philippe Salles
Guest Solverminds Mohit Oberoi
Member UASC Khaled Kabbach
Member Kockumation Group Henrik Monberg Carlsen
Member SOLVO Liubov Grebenshchikova
Member La Spezia Container Terminal Mario Scimone
Member Hyland Software, LLC., Westlake, OH Ramond Schraff
Guest PSA VTE Renzo Nurchi
Guest PSA VTE Marco Ravaglia
Guest PSA VTE Anselmo Marcenaro
Guest SECH- Terminal Contenitori Porto di Genova Enrico Rossi Ferrari
GuestSEPIASue Probert


Welcome Presentation MSC69-SMDG-MSC-genoa.pdf
UPDATES OF SMDG STATUS/ High levelSMDG has now the opportinuty to stucture its self and insure global and sustainable state and extend EDI transmission standards

Action: Members of SMDG (historical and new) to agree on legal status and representent role, functions and budget.
Being part of SMDG has some duties for all users so every one could move forward



CODELIST and BICBIC and SMDG are emitting terminal codes not yet following the same aligned process and standradisation norm. Those codes are becoming critical for sea and inland terninals as a unique reference is needed by the industry for the proper managent of the cargo routings and automated transmission of information

Action: Norms and lists must be reviewed and aligned between BIC and SMDG for present seaport and extended to inland terminals/ depots
VGM and VERMASVERMAS and VGM is well in place in format, standards

Action: we invite all members and users to check in their systems for the utilisation of the the lastest formats for accurate VGM reporting, VERMAS, BAPLIE...
BAPLIE/MOVINSFollowing Baplie 3, the same requirements of data accuracy and details are transfer on the movins to insure the proper follow up of operation along the process

Action: we recomend the industry provider to enable 3,0 and above norms for baplies and follow up on the movins
GEFEG/ EDI VALIDATIONOn the request of SMDG, GEFEG prepared an interface to enable check of segments for Baplie and then Coprar.
This has been acheived to takle the need for SMDG to have a complementary mean of verification of SMDG format in addition of the usual documention historically provided
The current documentation could be subject to interpretation on some details segments as limited by the capacity of word.
The aim is to offer a simple third party interface controled by SMDG to enable multiple partner agreements on EDI exchange

Action: SMDG once fully structured on its status and infrstructure to see with GEFEG and members the terms of application and the process of validation of such needed tools
CONTAINER MESSAGEConsolidation of VGM declaration throught EDI messages diversity is on going. APERAK evolution needed were detailled as well as the need to have a better definition for the use case of transhipment

Action: SMDG to follow up on present work and amend necessary documentation either through ITIGG directly or through amendement of present documentation (coprar fro example) to meet detail level of Baplie 3,0
IFTISAIIFTSAI used to exchange schedule and cut off times, need to perform some enhancement in the frame of alliances and network to give more visibility to the different stake holders on cut off times, connecting vessels, co loaders..

Action: Updates MIG to be created and advertise on SMDG web site after agreements and validation. Move forward on inventory of further requirements/ use cases
TPFREPTPFREP need some further amendments and improvements to match evolution of the concern of the industry on terminal operation efficiency and velocity of invoice validations within the different stakeholders

Action: Further work on the requirements needs to be done and then transfered into a MIG to create TPFREP 4,1. target for the DMR approval is next SMDG meeting
All Other BusinessElectronic invoice presentation and payment standards advisory board has been disolved and thus the website and documentation now hosted untill end of 2017 by INTTRA woud found themselves in the open. Even if shippers are not yet represented within SMDG, invoice standardisation for the maritime trade is an important part of the EDI exchange and relevent to SMDG in its mission to provide a sustanable environment within the frame of EDI

Action: Once SMDG status is establish, such hosting could be managed properly. SMDG, PROTECT, BIC to also liase on the synergy of such activities to enable sustainable low maintenance and cost communication and update while creating visibility for each stakeholder activities and responsabilies.
Next meetingNext meeting will be hosted by SOLVO please see link to the next meeting web pages
State of the IndustryThe industry has had a strong integration in 2016-2017 having multiple M&As , consolidations of the major East-west trades: 2M - Ocean alliance - THE Alliance, Consolidations also in the carrier stowage systemsAtsea-consulting-SMDG-day-3.pdf
FEEDBACK FROM VGMVGM is well implemented now. Its application is now generalised even if there are still rooms for improvement of the follow up of the data and accuracy of data transfer: papaer base Vs EDI transmission base of certification
COLLABORATION and TRACKING PROCESS AND TOOLSThe rise of new technilogy such as the smart containers requires the gathering of new requirements and new process definition with a work group composed of all necessary stake older of the logistical chain. For the maritime transportation such group could be implementated within the SMDG as part of the work done on process during the 3rd day of the meeting sessions.
With New process, new KPis, new EDI messages could be define to channel information over a the new reality of the follow up of the logistic chain.

Action: Subgroup to be defined and enable this important work to move forward. As for DG part, PROTECT group is to be put in the loop

No items of the alliance were presented. Nevertheless, alliances are stressing the use of accurate well defined EDI, Coprar, BAPLIE, TPFREP...in order to streamline information exchange, reduce administrative cost and enable correct follow up of the containers for multiple partners


To be done

CLOUD and WEB SERVICES and API exchange Michael,Peter

A new sub group has been created: Chairman: Ray and Michael, Group members, hanane, Peter, Khaled, mario, Sönke

6. COPRAR implementation Best Practice To be done
9. APERAK messages for receiver confirmation To be done
10. PROMOTION OF BAPLI 3.0 To be done
11. Vessel Profiles standards exchanges and Tansta

A new sub group has been created; Chairman: Peter, members, Stefano, Mohit, khaled, Jesmond, Paul, Michael




Address is

MSC office at Agenzia Marittima Le Navi

Address : Via Balleydier 7 N


Holiday Inn Genoa City
Via Milano, 47 ( Ang.Via Cantore )
16126 GENOVA
T: +39 010 2534 060  F: +39 010 2534
Tariff for the Hotel: around € 95,00 / person / day  ( the rate may be subject to change depending on number of participants )

Tuesday, 14 March 2017
Subgroup meeting followed by a welcome network event
lunch sponsored by MSC LENAVI @ MSC LENAVI , 2 coffee breaks
network event at the hotel

Wednesday, 15 March 2017
Plenary session followed by a diner, 2 coffee breaks and diner
lunch sponsored by MSC LENAVI @ MSC LENAVI , 2 coffee breaks
network event: Diner. Restaurant to be advised

Thursday, 16 March 2017
Intercompany communications and and process review / sponsoring welcome for the lunch, 2 coffee breaks
lunch sponsored by MSC LENAVI @ MSC LENAVI , 2 coffee breaks