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The 70th SMDG Meeting was hosted from 26-27-28 september 2017 in Sankt Peterburg/ Russia by SOLVO

Executive Summary

It has been an honour for SMDG to be invited to the wonderful city of St Petersburg.
We have known Solvo to be a well prepared contributor to SMDG meetings and we now know Solvo as a well organised and a hospitable host.
On behalf of all SMDG members and participants we would like to extend our gratitude to 
Elena Grebenshchikova (CEO), Liubov Grebenshchikova (SMDG rep), Daniel Pershin (Head of marketing), Lev Aispur (Head of sales TOS), and Maria Skrivitskaya (Marketing)

We look forward to meeting again.

The Members, Secretary General and Chairman of SMDG

Venue was at:Courtyard St. Petersburg Vasilievsky

Tuesday      26 September 2017 Subgroup meeting
Wednesday 27 September 2017 Plenary session
Thursday     28 September 2017 Intercompany communications and and process review

Main Topics:

1/ Future of SMDG / Status and budget
2/ Advancement on EDI with VGM, and BAPLIE 3.1 norms
3/ TPFREP, IFTSAI, Container messages
3/ Web sevices and normalisation of intercompany communications: Best practices




ChairmanAPM TerminalsBruis Van Driel
Secretary GeneralATSEA Consulting Arthur Touzot
MemberSOLVOMaria Skrivitskaya
MemberSOLVOLev Aispur
MemberSOLVODaniel Pershin
Member MSC LENAVI Stefano Ottonello
Chairman VERMAS, TPFREP, IFTSAI Hapag Lloyd AG Michael Schröder
Member XVELA Wendy Jaramillo
Member HHLA Container Terminals GmbH Sönke Witt
MemberJapan shipping representative EDI expert Yoshi Kito
Guest Kinet Taekmin Lee
Guest Kinet Sunho Park
Guest Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology Dr Daisuke Watanabe
Member Bollore terminal Sebastien Etcheverry
Member Bollore terminal Caroline Guerin
Member CMA-CGM Frederic Hebert
Member Mersin International port Cagdas Duran
Member Mersin International port Ali Akbas
Member Kockumation Group Henrik Monberg Carlsen
Member Kockumation Group Valery Lavrov
Member Nile Dutch Africa Line Peter van Santen
Member Eurogate Container Terminal Hamburg GmbH Stephan Krause
Member ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd Ori Ben-Shimon
Member ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd Ariela Ashuri
Chairman of the container message PSA/ Cosmos Paul Wauters
Chairman of the container message web services and industry requirement for advance process tools Hyland Software, LLC., Westlake, OH Raymond Schraff
Member ECT Delta Terminal Boudewijn de Kievit


SessionDescriptionAction Party/ DeadlineDownload
Presentation by the host SOLVOSOLVO is the leading Russian provider of TOS and warehouse IT systems and other logistics related IT solutionsDaniel Pershin,
Head of Marketing Department
SMDG Legal StructurePreferred formats are German "eingetragener Verein" (1st choice) or .French "1901 Association" (2nd choise) after this year study of all possible structures from a SA, to a Gmbh to an english law "community of Interest".
SMDG Chairman and Secretary will lead the legal structure workgroup and will ask for draft status.

Next Step: e-meeting mid January
Arthur Touzot,
Secretary of SMDG, Atseaconsulting President

TPFREP Terminal Performance ReportingAll remaining items from wishlist were discussed and agreed: whether or not shall be included in next version 4.1
Version 4.1 enhancements will be:

New events in vessel timesheet,
Reporting of Overtime,
Lashing Equipment,
Landside Power Supply,
Type of moves for cabotage.
Differentiated TPFREP Light from Full TPFREP

Carriers, such as HLL, CMA CGM, ... as well as ZIM Line are very interested in TPFREP and aligning between carriers to push the terminals and IT provider to adhere the format and simplify the monitoring and executable process.

Next step: Develop Edifact solutions, request at UN/CEFACT to be published in D.18A, develop new MIG, next subgroup meeting to be advised
Michael Schröder, chairman of the TPFREP subgroup, Project manager/ IT consulting Hapag LLoydTPFREP-SMDG-Meeting-St-Petersburg-2017-09-27.pdf
Container Messages Coxxxx- COPARN should have more than 9 DG items.
- COPARN All Terminals (Eurogate, PSA, ECT..) encounter issues to recognize the container sequence within a booking
RFF+SQ versus RFF+BN
Unclear whether weight is per container or per booking
- COPRAR Load for Empties
- Container Sequence in COPRAR + COPARN should be RFF+SQ
- T/S in COPRAR-Discharge required but would mean 2nd TDT segment => too complicated.
- Vent Seal reporting from Depot to Carrier in CODECO (MSC requirement).
- 2nd Full Release after customs inspections

Next Step:

All COxxxx (COPRAR, COPARN, CODECO...) messages follow a generic structure or should there be one "master message format" with all possible segments? This to simplify any future maintenance and make it easier for implementers.
Container Message subgroup is asked to update the COHAOR manual on the SMDG website for the VGM weighting order
Xml, Json:
Should SMDG provide the COxxxx-message structure also as XML format??

The world seems to ask for XML and/ or JSON coming from IT integration schema: SOAP, REST... .see web service standardisation sub group
Majority of members find XML better suitable for B2C than for B2B.
IF an XML format is required then it has to be standardized.
COPARN: Unclear whether weight is per container or per booking should be looked at during next meeting day 3 in Paris
Paul Wauters,
Chairman of the container message subgroup, PSA Antwerp
IFTSAI Vessel ScheduleEnhancements:

Qualifier for cut-offs - already published in D.17A
Cardinality increased to cover multiple connecting feeder voyages per port - will be published in D.17B

Next step: To be discussed further in the IFTSAI work group
Terminals are having issues with the schedule from carriers! Terminal needs to know:

- Who is vessel operator?
- Who are the Co-Loaders?
- Voyage number from each Co-Loader.
- Service code from each Line.
- Unique call-ID to match messages from different Lines. Preferably from the Port Community Systems, e.g. the German Visit-ID.

Currently terminals have high manual workload to consolidate the schedule information.
Michael Schröder, chairman of the IFTSAI subgroup, Project manager/ IT consulting Hapag LLoydIFTSAI-SMDG-Meeting-St-Petersburg-2017-09.pdf
VERMAS / VGM reportingVERMAS has become the world standard for VGM reporting in short time.
New requests;

- Item 1/ Italian Authorities: The serial number of the weighing equipment must be reported.
- It means the VERMAS message structure has to be enhanced.
- Also carrier internal systems might have to be enhanced

- item 2/ Japan delegates: use the VERMAS also as weighing order to a terminal.

Next steps:

Item 1: be discussed further in the VERMAS work group
Item 2: The VERMAS shall remain a small and simple message only for the purpose of VGM reporting.
For transmission of a weighing order the COHAOR message should be used. Container Message subgroup is asked to update the COHAOR manual on the SMDG website.
Michael Schröder, Co- Chairman of the VERMAS subgroup, Project manager/ IT consulting Hapag LLoyd
Yoshi Kito, Edi Expert, Consltant japan

BAPLIE / MOVINSimplementation of BAPLIE 3 is starting at the provider side such as Navis, in the next releases, Baplie 3 will be implemented within NAVIS suits: N4, StowMan, MACS3, and PowerstowJost Müller and chairman of the subgroup excused for medical reason
Container message validation Portal in cooperation with GEFEGSMDG intend to provide its memebers a EDI format validation portal starting by BAPLIES and Coprar. The objectives is to enable each and every members, a reference platform against whist EDI messages could be tested and corresponding error messages of non SMDG compliance could be displayed if needed. Providing such a reference tool would enable B2B agreement on format exchange while avoiding the management of specific interface due to different "standard" application interpretations.

Next Step: SMDG members approved such initiative. The secretary general will liase with GEFEG and SMDG web site provider to have a technical proposal up for meeting #70 to enable the platform use under a member area.
EIPP SAB documents on SMDG websiteThe SMDG Plenary agreed to the Hapag-Lloyd proposal to host the documents that were previously published on www.eippsab.com These are Implementation Guides, Process Maps and Data Models.
These docs will be put in a new menu item under "Cooperations". Christian Henze will be shown as point of contact on the SMDG website.
HL provided the documents and text for the website please refer to page

Next Step: Should the SMDG also cover the IFTMBF and IFTMBC messages exchanged between a carrier and a shipper? There is no other responsible organization. INTTRA is not found appropriate.
Discussion will be continued in next Meeting in PARIS
Michael Schröder, Co- Chairman of the VERMAS subgroup, Project manager/ IT consulting Hapag LLoydEIPPSAB-SMDG-Meeting-St-Petersburg-2017-09.pdf
KL-Net (Korea) new messages proposalVGM application in Korea and New messages proposal from KLnet a B2B and B2G It company

1st proposal: Ballast Water Management "BLWTRF" new message format.
Process: Vessel ==> Carrier HQ ==> Authorities
To transmit information about ballast water intake / outlet / treatment.

2nd proposal: Container Security Inspection Result new message format
To transmit result of Port Security Inspection to Authorities. Scan for nuclear substance is mandatory in Japan and Korea following the Fukushima incident.

Next step:
1st proposal: SMDG suggest that KL-Net develops detailed message proposal until next meeting.
2nd proposal: KL-Net should check whether existing messages IFTDGN or IFTSTA or CODECO are suitable
Taekmin Lee, Research Engineer, KLnetSMDG70KL-Net-2017.pdf
Webservice StandardizationActive discussion between members, the topic is found highly relevant. CMA will also participate.

- Majority opinion is that REST/JSON is more commonly used and better accepted than SOAP. The SMDG pilot should be developed in REST.
- Security management / access control is very important and must be covered even by the very first pilot.
Example Track+Trace: who is authorized to see the container status?
Ray: Common procedures already in place in other industries, He will report on this.

Pilot WS candidate:
- "get container master data" needed by a shipper and also by a terminal.
- Container status from smart container to the carrier (proposal from CMA)

Next step: Work group members to develop pilot WS
Michael Schröder, Co- Chairman of the webservice standardisation subgroup, Project manager/ IT consulting Hapag LLoyd
Ray Schraff, Co- Chairman of the webservice standardisation subgroup, Industry Director, Hyland Software, LLC.
Vessel Data Vessel Profile in JSON formatXVELA intends to develop a JSON format for transmission of vessel profiles.
The vessel profile is used by stowage planning systems at the carrier as well as the terminal, and also for example by the XVELA collaboration platform.

Next Step: Presentation of the detailed format at the next SMDG in Paris by XVELA
Arthur Touzot, Arthur Touzot, Secretary of SMDG, Atseaconsulting President, consultant for NAVIS CVSSMDG-ship-files-JSON-v2.0.pdf

CandidatesSpring 2018 meeting has been decided during the 70th SMDG Meeting.
Paris, France, BIC, (Burean Internaational des Containeur)

Jorn Heerulff