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The 71th SMDG Meeting is hosted from 11-12-13 April 2018 in Paris/ France by BIC, Bureau International des Containers , Bolloré Ports, Atseaconsulting

Executive Summary

SMDG: looking forward to move on IMO and industry agenda on increasing efficiency of transaction transmission and visibility

1/ Future of SMDG / Status and budget/ Votation on status and Budget 
2/ Advancement on EDI: BAPLIE, MOVINS, IFTSAI, TPFREP, Container Messages norms, vessel data sharing
3/ Web sevices and normalisation of intercompany communications: Best practices

The Venue was be Hôtel««« Vacances Bleues Business Provinces Opéra: 
36, rue de l’Echiquier – 75010 Paris




ChairmanAPM TerminalsBruis Van Driel
Secretary GeneralATSEA ConsultingArthur Touzot
ATSEA ConsultingJessica Nielsen
HostBIC Jorn Heerulff
Chairman VERMAS, TPFREP, IFTSAIHapag Lloyd AG Michael Schröder
Member Rep Chairman carrier processCMA-CGM Julien Vangeon
Chairman BAPLI and MOVINSGerman consultant Jost Müller
Co Chairman SMDG/UN Codes Eurogate Container Terminal Hamburg GmbH Jasmin Droenner
Chairman of the container
message web services and
industry requirement for
advance process tools
Hyland Software, LLC., Westlake, OH Raymond Schraff
Co Chairman Container messages PSA/ Cosmos Paul Wauters
MemberJapan shipping representative EDI expert Yoshi Kito
Member MSC / MSC LENAVI Stefano Ottonello
Member Kockumation Group Henrik Monberg Carlsen
Member Traxens Hanane Becha
Member HHLA Container Terminals GmbH Heidi Stemler
Member XVELA Wendy Jaramillo
Member Bollore terminal Caroline Guerin
GuestSEPIA Sue Probert
Member Hapag Lloyd AG Tamme Bohlen
Guest Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology Dr Daisuke Watanabe
MemberGerman consultant Peter Horstkorte
Member Malta Freeport Terminal Ltd. Jesmond Baldacchino
Member Malta Freeport Terminal Ltd. Hein Chetcuti
Member ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd Ori Ben-Shimon
Member Exis Technologies James Douglas
Member ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd Vlad Komarov
Member Particio Alain Ayala
Guest GEFEG Fathy Abouelsaad
Guest PSA VTE Renzo Nurchi
Guest PSA VTE Marco Ravaglia


Wednesday, 11 April 2018
Subgroup meeting

Thursday, 12 April 2018
Plenary session

Friday, 13 April 2018
Intercompany communications and and process review

SessionDescriptionAction Party/ DeadlineDownload
SMDG Legal Structure
New Legal Structure will be a German Club "eingetragener Verein".
The draft status (Satzung) had been distributed before the meeting. It was read in total and agreed, with some small changes.
Next: SMDG Secretary will send out membership application forms to the members.
Status (Satzung) highlights:
- each corporate member has one vote irrespective of company size.
- only members who show up in person at the meeting have a vote
- within the member company, voting and meeting visit can be delegated without notice
- The SMDG board is elected for 3 years and can be extended only once, giving max 6 years as Chair or Secretary. Elected are:
Chairman - Bruis van Driel, APMT HQ
Secretary - Arthur Touzot, NAVIS
Kassenwart - Peter Horstkorte
Auditor - Paul Wauters, PSA Antwerp
founding members
Min 7 members are needed according to German legislation. Firm promise from Hapag-Lloyd, MSC, CMACGM, HHLA, Eurogate, PSA Antwerp, Malta Freeport, NAVIS
plus most likely more
SMDG Admin- SMDG will provide e-meeting possibility
- in the meantime there should be an average of 3-4 intermediate meetings per subgroup
- minutes of this meeting will be published latest after one month.
- The secretary Arthur will clean up the SMDG website. Proposals for improvement are welcome!
SMDG budgetNew annual membership fee: 1.500 EUR for corporate member, 400 EUR for individual member.
40 corporate members expected in total.
Budget plan 62.000 EUR per year.

Documents on SMDG website will remain free for download, but registration with email address will be required in future.
Terminal Performance Reporting

chair: Michael Schröder
New version 4.1 is in work.
Version 4.1 enhancements will be: New events in vessel timesheet, reporting of Overtime, Lashing Equipment, Landside Power Supply, type of move for cabotage. And differentiate TPFREP Light from Full TPFREP.
Details in ppt presentation.
Chairman presented the Edifact solutions which were already requested at UN/CEFACT to be published in D.18A.

Yoshi offers his support in creating the MIG, which is appreciated.

Lines status: ZIM is rolling out to many terminals, Maersk is starting to roll out, ONE is starting to develop.
Julien of CMACGM becomes workgroup member.
TPFREP communityZIM Line is very interested in TPFREP and to align with other carriers and is also pushing the terminals.
ZIM suggests to establish a "TPFREP User Community" of carriers and terminals in order to exchange best practices and experiences. To start as email distribution, later possibly Chat Room on the SMDG website.
SMDG recommendation:
Set of Standard Messages
Proposal from ZIM:
SMDG should publish a set of standard Edifact messages that are typically used between a carrier and a terminal, along with the latest version. The EDI messages shall be shown in relation to the business processes that they support.
This SMDG recommendation could be used by procurement as EDI-Appendix to a terminal contract.
MSC and CMA and HL are in favour.
Michael will provide a first draft.
(June 2018)
Vessel Schedule

chair: Michael Schröder
Enhancements (both requested by H-L):
- Qualifier for cut-offs - already published in D.17A
- Cardinality increased to cover multiple connecting feeder voyages per port - already published in D.17B

New request (from H-L, originates from THE ALLIANCE)
- Two new qualifiers in the DTM segment for “estimated arrival time at Pilot” and “actual arrival time at Pilot”
will be published in D.18A

Yoshi offers his support in creating the MIG, which is appreciated.

ZIM now becomes workgroup member.
VGM reporting

chair: Michael Schröder
VERMAS has become the world standard for VGM reporting in short time.

No change requests were tabled that justify development of a new version.

Two requests tabled in last meeting were turned down:
- Italy request for new data elements due to new legal requirements (ID of the scale, weighing certificate) was not confirmed.

chair: Jost Müller
Chairman is unhapy about poor implementation progress of BAPLIE 3 world wide. He feels that the considerable project work on BAPLIE 3 is not honored.
However, delegates vote that MOVINS 3 is needed and the project work should be resumed on MOVINS 3 development.
Next workgroup meeting 19 June
(19 June 2018)
Code Lists

chair: Jasmin Drönner
Codes for MT-Release of containers e.g. "Foodgrade"

HHLA will clean up the old ITIGG List which is of poor quality. The initiative is appreciated.
Currently only workarounds are in place.
Sönke and Heidi
(until next meeting)
UN/Locode issues> Known issues with multiple Locodes for the same terminal (one code for the municipal area and another code for the terminal alone)
> New Chinese Locodes for many big ports e.g. Shanghai and Ningbo. Some carriers + terminals are adopting them, others not. No common usage rule in maritime industry.
> which Locode should the SMDG use in their Terminal Code list as reference??
Many issues in daily Edi work.

The UN are addressing the UN/Locode issues in a new workgroup. The SMDG is represented by Jasmin Drönner and Michael Schröder in that workgroup. Next meeting 27 April 2018 in Geneva.
BIC reports> Clean up project of BIC inland terminal code list (Global Facilities) is making progress and receiving support from major carriers.

> Boxtech global container database
contains now 30% of global container fleet (7.7 mio boxes). Including sold boxes, and incl Lessee information.
Maersk and CMACGM have put their fleet in, HL refuses.
BIC also talks to NxtPort about Boxtech usage !

> Customs are stricter on penalizing Shippers Owned containers without alpha-prefix. BIC sees more registrations of new prefixes.
This is welcome by all parties!

> ISO9711 standard on stow position Bay/Row/Tier.
The standard is knowingly outdated since more than five years because it allows only 9 tiers on deck. But the ISO still has not found a volunteer to become project lead.

EXIS reports> New IMDG Amendment #39 will be published by the IMO end of 2018 as per schedule

> EXIS will provide new version of their Coded Variant List by October 2018

> EXIS offers a Webservice which is used by ML, MSC, CMACGM, ONE.
Webservice Standardization

chairs: Ray Schraff, Peter Horstkorte, Michael Schröder
Working group has met twice in Hamburg since last SMDG meeting. Mission, goals and technologies have been discussed.
Separation of concerns is crucial for our success: We have to discuss processes as well as specific interfaces, but we should keep those topics separated.
Technologically, we focus on REST based interfaces (OpenAPI).
Various use cases have been reviewed as potential candidates for a pilot. First pilot will be "Get Container Master Data". Reference to BIC Boxtec database is made.

Alignment with Multi Modal Transport data model and CCL is aimed at, however there is limited visibility to those models.

Next steps:
- organize a GEFEG.FX training with focus on MMT / CCL (see next item below)
- decide upon pilot web service, describe process and API, provide reference implementation
- extend efforts to review other existing web service APIs

GEFEG.FX toolThis tool is needed to access the MMT Multi-Modal Transport Reference data model, within the CCL Core Component Library of the UN/CEFACT.

GEFEG offers a free training on the tool.
> Training is scheduled in Hamburg for 26 and 27 June
(26 + 27 June 2018)
GEFEG validation portal for Edifact messagesGEFEG: the portal will be free for SMDG members.

Hapag-Lloyd: have many issues with smaller depots, but they will not buy a license. Better solution: The carrier should provide a link to a portal and ask the depot to check their message syntax before sending to the carrier
DG bookings between carriers

new workgroup
chair: Stefano Ottonello
MSC has started a new initiative to enhance the standard and to adjust their applications accordingly.

Members: Stefano Ottonello Chairman MSC, Michael Schroeder Member Hapag Lloyd, Vlad Komarov Member ZIM, Pujan Ghanbari Member Hamburg Sud

new workgroup
chair: Stefano Ottonello
Messages DESTIM and WESTIM are outdated and need redesign.
To cover all processes between carrier and repair shop: Esatimate, Rework, Order, Confirmation.

Also repair codes definition.

Members: Stefano OttonelloChairman MSC, Jorn HeerulffMember B.I.C., Yoshi KitoMember E.D.I. Expert Japan Government, Tamme BohlenMember Hapag Lloyd
ConRo and RoRo

new workgroup
chair: Stefano Ottonello
Stefano Ottonello Chairman MSC, Henrik Monberg Carlsen Member Kockumation Group, Arthur Touzot Member ATSea Consulting, Yoshi Kito Member E.D.I. Expert Japan Government)
Vessel Profile
in JSON format
No updates because XVELA cancelled their attendance on short notice
Bolloré Port presenation presenation from our host Bolloré porthttps://www.bollore-ports.com/en.html
Next Meeting09-10-11 October 2018 in Hamburg, hosted by Hapag-Lloyd