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The 72th SMDG Meeting was hosted from 09-10-11 October 2018 in Hamburg hosted by Hapag-Lloyd 

Executive summary

SMDG meeting #72 represent a milstone in the history of the UN/CEFACT community:

1- By acclamation of all attendees, the board of SMDG e. V. was elected and SMDG e.V. was created taking over previous SMDG scope

The status, and fees were approved by 60 delegates representing 39 stakeholders ( 9 carriers/ shipowners, 12-15 Terminal entities, 6 Institutions, 16-20 It providers) representing more than 50% of the world tonnage and 40% of the world terminal throughput.
13 members qualified as founding members as per german registrar, while the remaining 26 and many other companies awaits the final legal drafts of the status and condition of memberships to be published, then checked by their legal for them to register.
Action is on going by Jost Müller . Target is for November to have the status registered, December for 2019 membership Invoicing, January for 2020

2- Important Work on IFTMBF, IFSAI, Web SERVICE and great introduction to Blockchain New sub group:

A- IFTMBF: Great work presented by MSC on the need for IFTMBF ammendments. The business case was recognised by SMDG Assembly. Correction need to be performed on some of the change request to comply with UN/CEFACT syntaxe, cohesion of the standard. Mian actions were too late for DMR work for UNCEFACT 18B . Nevertheless, SMDG # 73 in NLMSV advance to 2nd week of february to enable Most of DMRs to be reviewed check and approved by SMDG plenary for UN/CEFACT. It needs a minimum of 8 weeks.
B-IFSAI: DMR to transmit cut off times for VGM, reefer, FCL, DG, OOG, connection to Transshipment, pilot time and bollard information for berthing preparatio.
C- Webservice: Brilliant presentation made by Ralf, Peter and Tamme. Delegates feedback positive on the standard expressed and proof of concept for SMDG #73 on the way.

D- Last but not least,  Reiner Beekman and Tom Van Dijk gave SMDG e.V. Delegates  a great practical introduction to blockchain. How it technicaly works and How it is implemented with a demonstration live. 
SMDG Invited CGI and is also inviting Tradelens on SMDG # 73 in NLRTM to further the exchange with SMDG e.V. user groups and enable the corelation making between physical service rendering expressed by EDI and financial transaction followup engineered with Blockchain. 3 sessions of 1,5 hours have been reserved for it in SMDG e.V. #73

3- New Membership pledge by ONE, XPC, Kuhne and Nagel, Eucon, Cyberlogitec, RWG and others

The renewal of mambership of key stakeholders such as CMA CGM, HAPG-LLOYD,  justified the extension of SMDG e.V. from its historical pan european base to extend to the world wide network. 
All subgroups were updated as well as chairpersons Workgroups

4- Next meeting will be in NLMSV in Futureland in February 2020 to capitalize on SMDG # 72 

This is done to move forward with DMRs and MIGs 8 weeks prior next UN/CEFACT 20A as decided and strongly supported by the assembly,
To be away of all other industry conferences and holidays in March and April 2019.
The location is unique in the middle of 3 major world wide terminals at walking distance and direct views over terminal operation during 36 hours.
Futureland.nl where SMDG e.V. real digitalisation can be confronted directly to digital reality and challenge both world at the same time.

Format with multisession to make more pertinant use the 2000s man hours provided by the delegates during the 3 days meettings sessions (proposal) – 5-6 MIG to mature to industrilaisation – 4 codes tables to review- 1200 man-h of sub group work.
New user group open to blockchain

SMDG # 74 is projected in Singapore home of PSA, ONE, APL, PIL, Xpress as well as operational centers for Maersk, Msc, Hapag-Lloyd and many other asian companie. It will be in September 2019 final week to be precised after SMDG # 73 as per statutes.
SMDG# 74 and #75 are proposed CHGVA home of UN/CEFACT, MSC, Kuhne and Nagel, Ceva, and CNSHG – CNYGN home of Cosco and in the region of many corean, japaneese and taiwaneese stakeholders
Other proposed location BEANR home of PSA, DPworld, ICL, or Malta freeport


72th Meeting Agenda

Tuesday          09 October 2018 Opening session and Subgroup meeting including process for each subjects
Wednesday    10 October 2018 Subgroup meeting including process for each subjects
Thursday        11 October 2018 Plenary (incl Blockchain and )

Keynote by our host on the role of Standardization in the Maritime Industry.

Martin Gnass, CIO of Hapag-Lloyd

Martin Gnass gave a remarkable Keynote speach on the need and effort on Standardisation. Containership Industry is a highly competitive market on the commercial side that nevertheless need operational standardisation bodies such as SMDG to enable common Industry process, knowledge, communication/ data transfer framework to minimize cost and maximize efficiency. This on going effort also concerns Code unififcation and promotion. A remarkable example was made on the historical effort made by IATA on Airline voyage number standards that are unique internally to companies and externally avoiding transcotables between the few hundreds of companies systems. 

Martin Gnass finally encouraged SMDG Body to keep on moving forward on its structuration and proffesionalisation of its work.
A Milestone has been made in Hamburg that should bring Momemtum to its necessary activity.
The Board of SMDG thanks Mr Gnass for the Venue and organisation. It highlighted the key contribution done by Hapag-Lloyd to SMDG by:

  • Mr Schröder and HLL team work on all the formats but more specifically, TPFREP, VERMAS, IFTSAI, IFTMBF
  • The legal department for their help with the german Verein status
  • Mr  Nettekoven for his professional help on the audit, status and admin process as SMDG Firts auditor 


ChairmanAPM Terminals/MaerskBruis Van Driel
Secretary GeneralATSEA ConsultingArthur Touzot
Chairman VERMAS, TPFREP, IFTSAIHapag Lloyd Ag
Michael Schröder
Member Rep Chairman carrier processCMA-CGMJulien Vangeon
Chairman BAPLIE and MOVINSGerman consultantJost Müller
Co Chairman SMDG/UN CodesEurogate Container Terminal Hamburg GmbHJasmin Droenner
Chairman of the container
message web services and
industry requirement for advance
process tools
Hyland Software, LLC., Westlake, OH Raymond Schraff
Co Chairman Container messages PSA/ Cosmos Paul Wauters
Intitutional memberJapan shipping representative EDI expert Yoshi Kito
Intitutional memberJapan shipping representative EDI expert Yoshi Kito
Chairman Ro Ro ConRo, M& R MSC Stefano Ottonello
Global Corporate Member Maersk Hans Rasmussen
Global Corporate Member Hamburg Sud Thomas Kwast
Global Corporate Member Hamburg Sud Mark Lim
Global Corporate Member Hamburg Sud Pujan Ghanbari
Global Corporate Member Hamburg Sud Abdelmounaiim Fares
Global Corporate Member MSC Isabelle Scialla
Global Corporate Member MSC Guido Van den Driesshe
Global Corporate Member MSC Michael Peeters
Global Corporate Member MSC Yve Limbergen
Global Corporate MemberCMA-CGM Jerome Lorenzati
Global Corporate MemberCMA-CGM Alfonso Rash-isla
Global Corporate MemberHapag Lloyd AG Tamme Bohlen
Candidate Global Corporate Member Ocean Network Express Mio Murakami
Candidate Global Corporate Member Ocean Network Express Tom Waller
Candidate Global Corporate Member Ocean Network Express Gino Remaut
Candidate Global Corporate Member Ocean Network Express Robert Gacki
Global Corporate Member ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd Ori Ben-Shimon
Global Corporate Member ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd Vlad Komarov
Global Corporate Member ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd Joachim Gehring
Regional Corporate Member X-press Feeders Jasmin Ang
Regional Corporate Member X-press Feeders Uma Rani
Regional Corporate Member Nile Dutch Africa Line Peter van Santen
Regional Corporate Member Eucon Melissa Clinton
Global Corporate Member HHLA Container Terminals GmbH Heidi Stemler
Global Corporate Member HHLA Container Terminals GmbH Sönke Witt
Global Corporate Member Bollore terminal Sebastien Etcheverry
Global Corporate Member Malta Freeport Terminal Ltd. Jesmond Baldacchino
Global Corporate Member ECT Delta Terminal Hans Vlasblom
Global Corporate Member ECT Delta Terminal Marcel Waard
Global Corporate Member Rotterdam World gateway Robert Roestenburg
Regional Corporate Member PSA VTE Renzo Nurchi
Regional Corporate Member PSA VTE Marco Ravaglia
Regional Corporate Member PSA VTE Anselmo Marcenaro
Regional Corporate Member Brooklyn Kyiv Port LLC Roman Kotelevits
Global Corporate Member Navis carrier and vessel solution André Nielsen
Global Corporate Member Navis carrier and vessel solution Michael Bergen
Regional Corporate Member Kockumation Group Henrik Monberg Carlsen
Intitutional member Hyland Software, LLC., Westlake, OH Rami Assaf
Intitutional member GEFEG mbh Fathy Abouelsaad
Intitutional member GEFEG mbh Tayfun Mermer
Intitutional member BIC Jorn Heerulff
Intitutional member Exis Technologies Limited Paul Ainscough
Intitutional member Exis Technologies Limited James Douglas
Intitutional member Dakosy Stephan Gund
Regional Corporate Member Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. Ishii Shinichi
Regional Corporate Member Times End 'C' Computers Ltd Emmanuel Odartey
Global Corporate Member Kühne and Nagel Helmut Czekay
Global Corporate Member Cyberlogitec Noel Jelsma
Intitutional memberGerman consultant Peter Horstkorte
Intitutional memberEDI expert germany Wolf Dietrich Retzko
Guest portbase Marcel Coumans
Guest CGI Reinier Beeckman


1/ Administration

General comment on the AgendaMeeting # 72 was exeptional on:
1 - The Content of the Subgroups and plenary sessions also by
2 - The number and quality of the attendees as well as
3 - Wonderful organisation from
Hapag Lloyd Michael Shröder, marina Blohm@hlag.com / main host
HHLA, Sönke Witt and Heidi Stemler / Boat tour
Xvela, Stephanie Grivisky and Navis CVS André Nielsen / Network event
Big thanks for this best historical events to all frrom the Board of SMDG and all 60 délégates
Bruis Van Driel,
APM Terminals/Maersk

Arthur Touzot,

General comment on the Agenda 2Meeting #72 is a founding Plenary meeting that enable a large part of the community to level up on SMDG, UNCEFACT, Subgroups works , statutes and organisations.
A lot of work is remaining on IFTMBF and other formats for 18B and most of all 19A.
We expect and hope that subgroups will meet between now and meeting #73 in Rotterdam in February to enable the approval of many necessary DMRs for 2019 implementations. This is to note in the diffirent partners IT Budgets
Next Meeting #73 agenda will be slightly different by enabling 3*3 hours sub-group DMR and documentation work sessions for at least 2-3 subjects at the same times in smaller but more efficient groups upon subgroups chairman and menmbers requests
Bruis Van Driel,
APM Terminals/Maersk

Arthur Touzot,
see part 9-10-11
SMDG e.V. Legal Structure 1New Legal Structure will be a German Club "eingetragener Verein".
1/ SMDG was refounded as an "e.v" on 11th of October 2018 by delegates acclamations

The draft status (Satzung) had been distributed before the meeting. It was read in total and agreed, with some small changes. Delegates acclamations approved the statutes pending german notary and registrar necessary wording corrections. Actual Final draft attached. The board will not distribute other updates until final registrations done with the authoritise.
initial lists of founders extended to provide 7 german located members to facilitate registrar and notary background check and facilitate timely statutes registration

2/ SMDG e.v board was elected on 11th of October 2018 by delegates acclamations

First chairman : Bruis Van Driel, APMT HQ
Vice chairman/secretary general : Arthur Touzot, Indi
Treasurer : Jost Müller, Indi
Cash Auditors : Lurentius Nettekoven (HLL nominated with thanks to Mr Gnass)
Deputy Cash Auditor : André Nielsen , Navis CVS

3/ SMDG e.v board reminded the delagates the anti trust and Non for profit framework as well as the fees and members expectations of deliveries for the association to work and be efficient.
Bruis Van Driel,
APM Terminals/Maersk

Arthur Touzot,

Jost Müller,

Lurentius Nettekoven

André Nielsen


Documents are for reference only as representative of the ducoments presented before, during and after the meeting.
Please request final copy as registered to German register to Mr Jost Müller after the registration that should happen by 3rd week of November No Further Legal statutes will be shared on our until registration to avoid confusion.
SMDG e.V. Legal Structure 2Status (Satzung) highlights: please see About US section
- each corporate member has one vote irrespective of company size.
- only members who show up in person at the meeting have a vote
- within the member company, voting and meeting visit can be delegated without notice
- The SMDG board is elected for 3 years and can be extended only once
Bruis Van Driel,
APM Terminals/Maersk

Arthur Touzot,

Jost Müller,

Lurentius Nettekoven

André Nielsen

SMDG e.V. Legal Structure 3At the suggestion of the elected treasurer, the contributions for members were set as following: 1.500 EUR for global corporate members, 750 EUR for regional corporate member 400 EUR for individual members. No Fees for Institution please see About US section.
Budget is for reference, main firts funding will be used for
1- the adminstration fees of registrations
2- taxes provision
3- Equipments (hardware (laptop, Printer, Scanner), software (windows, office, cloud, netmeetings...))
4- Meetings financing, Attendees, rooms, catering, network events provision
5- SMDG promotion and representation (UNCEFACT, PROTECT, BIC, TOC, USER CONF, DIGITALship...)
6- Work compensation for DMR and admin work from SMDG board
All audited by Mr Nettekoven and Mr Nielsen
Bruis Van Driel,
APM Terminals/Maersk

Arthur Touzot,

Jost Müller,

Lurentius Nettekoven

André Nielsen
SMDG e.V. Legal Structure 4SMDG Secretary will send out membership application forms to the members during second part of novembe / first part of december 2019: main documents to be approved by each members will be comprising of :
- Statutes
- Delegation from company management for the deleguate and agreement of membership duties
- Invoice for membership fees
Bruis Van Driel,
APM Terminals/Maersk

Arthur Touzot,

Jost Müller,

Lurentius Nettekoven

André Nielsen
please see also
About US section

SMDG e.V. Legal Structure 5Registrered Legal members:
APMT, Jost Müller, Artrhur Touzot, Hapag lloyd, Eurogates, BIC, Exis, One Network Express, CMA CGM, Nomura, Navis CVS, Kokumation, PSA Antwerp, Malta Freeport terminal ltd, Time End "C" Comuters, Peter Hortkorte, jasmin Drönner (TBF)
Bruis Van Driel,
APM Terminals/Maersk

Arthur Touzot,

Jost Müller,

Lurentius Nettekoven

André Nielsen
for security reason we do not publish official signature.
Future meetings 1Meeting #73 will be in Rotterdam:
Location target: Futureland/ www.futureland.nl
Time Target: Feb 2019
- DMR 19 A/B for IFTMBF, BAPLIE, MOVINS, IFTISAI, TPFREP/ Industry process and communication
- CODE LISTS management (type, country, terminal, depot, hnadling..)/ Industry process and communication
- Web services
- Blockchain
Main Hosts: APMT, ECT, RWG TBC Network Host: TBC
Board objectives:
- Publish recommendation to update to **A/B forevery format--BP Coprar
- Extend to main shippers and IT/Banking providers SMDG standardisation work: DHL, JOS, ABN/AMRO(BC), finilyse subgroup blockchain
Bruis Van Driel,
APM Terminals/Maersk

Arthur Touzot,
Future meetings 2Meeting #74 will be in Singapore:
Location target: Republic of Singapore Yacht Club/ Singapore University/ Host
Time Target: September 2019
- DMR19 A/B feedback - 20 A/B prep for IFTMBF, BAPLIE, MOVINS, IFTISAI, TPFREP/ Industry process and communication
- CODE LISTS management (type, country, terminal, depot, hnadling..)/ Industry process and communication
- Web services
- Blockchain
Main Hosts: ONE, APL, PSA Global.. TBC Network Host: PIL, Xpress, Maersk, ...TBC
Board objectives:
- Speed up 19B- 20A/B DMR and MIG, IFTMBF--IFTSAI--CODES
- Publish recommendation to update to **A/B forevery format--Container messages
- Extend to Asian carriers and main terminal operators SMDG standardisation work. DPworld, PSA global, Cosco terminal

Meeting #75: Genega MSC, CEVA,... feb -march 2020 --objectives: work alignements with UNEFACT prior or during forum and prior to plenary.

Meeting #76: Shanghai COSCO, COSCO terminal, Alibaba -- objectives : work with asian partners and updates of generic industrial process -- EDI/SMDG-- CODES share -- voyage number standradisation
Bruis Van Driel,
APM Terminals/Maersk

Arthur Touzot,

2/ Technical Stream Subgroups

All subgroups were reconfirmed during the plenary session # 72. Please check sub group pages also or contact your chairperson or secretariat@smdg.org

UN/EDIFACT Directory maintenanceFormal process of DMR has been explained. Main DMR for 18A and 18B detailed. 8 weeks before UN/Cefact Forum, DMR must be submitted. This has an impact over meeting #73 schedule. Please see the DMR on going Inside the pdf.Jost Müller,
BAPLIE/MOVINSScope, subgroup members and next items details. Please see subgroup web page for best updates of subgroup members
1/ BAPLIE extension for “agreed number of slots”
2/ Discussion about new version BAPLIE 2.3 referring to code lists
3/ Design of MOVINSv3
- Definition of features
- Message structure (basically inherited from BAPLIEv3)
- Develop guidelines for usage of Edifact groups, segments, composites and data elements
- Definition of new codes
- Finalize Message Implementation Guide
Current Subgroup confirmed
Jost Müller,


CODELIST and BIC , Jasmin/ Arthur/ Sönke/ HeidiJasmin made a focus on the rocmmendation that a UNLOC is not a Terminal code. A Terminal code is UNLOC + SMDG Terminalk code. On Going project for the review of JM4 Handling codes. This work is also needed for the work of Jost on Baplie 3.x and Movins 3.x New Carrier Codes, ONE, XPF, MAC. BIC reminded the allocation of Depot Codes and the necessary update of ISO 6336 for the container type to reflect the accurcy needed in digitalisation age. To this ground, Mr Gnass in his key note made a wish to see the IATA of shipping being born and simplify by standard and practitioners best practices other critical codes such as Voyage numbers. Let´s see what can be done about that as an inventory and proposal for next time from the sub-group membersJasmin Drönner

Arthur Touzot

Sonke Witt

Jost Müller



CONTAINER MESSAGE Paul did not had enough time to develop the wonderful material of best practces that he collected on his side to aswer to the new framework implemeted with SMDG: Process - Objectives - Best practices - DMR. Nevertheless we highly recommend you to look into it and contact Paul and Julien for the Coprar Busenn process work and recommendation as well as all other messages. A specific session as been scheduled for SMDG e.V. #73 of 1h 30 Please come prepared Paul WautersDTS7-SMDG-72-20181106-SMDGContainerMessages-Wauters.pdf
TPFREPTPFREP Changes for next version 4.1
New qualifiers needed, but no changes in message structure
New qualifiers were published in D.18A repository by UN/CEFACT
New TPFREP – MIG version 4.1 to be published by SMDG in Q4.2018
Highlight on the stansardization of the TFREP Excel that deviated over the years
Best practices and terminal inventory of TPFREP Users to be published- Atouzot - JVengeon
Michael SchröderDTS8-SMDG-72-20181106-TPFREP-Schroeder-.pdf
IFTSAIWhere we are - urgent need to publish new MIG by the SMDG
Enhancements added on D.18A
• Two new qualifiers in the DTM for “estimated arrival at Pilot” and
“actual arrival at Pilot”
IFTSAI new request : transmit Bollards
Michael SchröderDTS9-SMDG-72-20181106-IFTSAI-Schroeder.pdf
IFTMBF for DGSince 2011 the SMDG has taken responsibility for this message.
Latest Version 1.3.1 based on D.00B was published in December 2012.
In 2018, MSC has started an initiative to enhance the message with missing elements, and to increase the acceptance
of the standard MIG. Target is to achieve one common standard MIG that is accepted and used by all carriers and that is published by the SMDG.
All major carriers are participating.
Goal: No more individual implementation guides needed !
Brilliant MSC proposal presented by Michael P adn Guido reviewed and commented by SMDG sub group and plenary. Further normal correection of UNCEFACT compliance is needed for the different DMR and MIG to comply. Nevertheless the intent of data accuracy, integrety associated to a stremline process matches totally the spirit of SMDG.
Comments were made on standard simplification - legacy codes- updates and Review of the MIG format and too many times examples with insufficient instructions given in them to restrict integrator interpratation
SMDG #73 advanced to 12-13-14 of february and new schedule with multiple session to enable the sub group to move forward of the MIG
Michael Peeters

Michael Schröder

Guido Van den Driesshe


Maintenance & RepairNew Sub group introduced by Stefano.
M&R process and WESTIM- DESTIM present deficiencies expressed.
Excellent overview of MSC logistic integration with Medlog presentation of M&R work and process.
DESTIM DMR user story is tahat there is NO POSSIBILITY to insert the DAMAGE responsibility of a each DAMAGE event but only to the total amount internally to the NAD but at this moment isn’t used .
• DAMAGE CATEGORY To be rewied
Stefano OttonelloDTS13-SMDG-72-20181106-MR-Ottonello.pdf
ConRo – RoRoConRo Ro-RO is also a new segment concerned by eventual integration of global carriers with niche market under opportunity or market need base.
MSC, CMA among others are operating RoRos and or Con-Ros with a much lowewr standardisation of process, IT capabilities of planning and SMDG e.V. EDI.
The Epic user storie expressed by Stefano was confirmed as a high point of interest for the carrier and It providers as a market demand. Objectives for meeting #73 to do the inventory of process and stowage challages affecting the EDI chain.
Stefano Ottonello-
Vessel profile std Files The user story developped was the transfer and innaccuracy of vesssel profile from the loading computer standrds into the terminal operating systems.
This transfer cannot and is not delivering optimal solution to both parties. A lot of details in the geometry and specefecity of container part cannot be transfered for many causalities. The idea is to provide a standard EDI frame based either on xml or Shdat, that enable tracable, securable exchange of standard readeable multipltform format. Being able to transfer from loadstar to Navis or MACS3 to Cyberlogitec or TSB or fro MACS3- Stowman to N4
A subgroup has been rebuild to do an invoteory of the files, wrong practices , pain point and bring Navis CVS and TSB, holder of the main libraries with their TOS defining term of technical practical means of effeciency on this issue
Arthur Touzot-
Web ServiceVery active and deep knownlage new group rose in an impresseive session on web sevices and standardisation implementation recommendation.
Big thanks to Hapag-Lloyd team that came as well as Ray Shraft Hyland team for their expertise
It gave the full meanning of what SMDG e.V. is about and is inspiring SMDG e.V. reach to blockchain
Peter Hortskorte

Ray Shraft

Tamme Bohlen


3 / Business Process stream

All subgroups were reconfirmed during the plenary session # 72. Please check sub group pages also or contact your chairpaerson or secretariat@smdg.org

SMDG/ UN/Edifact Business Process efficiency
Comment on BP 1-2-4 The essence and sens of SMDG:
Julien Vangeon is taking over the initiative lauched in SMDG #66 on business process by Ann-Christin Fröhmcke to take it further under the vigourous demand of ZIM.
The objectives is to recommend versions and best process of use and Business It implemenation.
The Demand is to stream line and clean the industry of the substandards in use. Vigourous debate on the proposal on 95B - 00B 19A...No good answer.
The proposal of work ahead from Julien would be to run the process throught coprar as it is a key optimization factor today in the EDI chain for load list consolidation.
The Secretary general made the point that:
1/ a standard is a standard only if it can be checked at any point of time by a standard scale. GEFEG to provide the platform for it
2/ A standard is a standrd only if it is used. The point of SMDG is to enable partners to synchronise their develpment effort with practical solutions. The time of the update and cost is more an issue than the cost as is. It coiuld be done and considered as the new IMO DAGO where major release are done every 1 year with optional / Beta implemetation on the first year- mandatory compatibility on the second...

Julien to work with Paul, GEFEG and his subgroup and present a Business implementation package for COPRAR efficiency implemenation. CtoC, CTV, VTOC, TTOT, CTOT, TOC flow to and process to analyse, best prcatice and error message to inventory and integrate with GEFEG
Julien Vangeon

Paul Wauters


BAPLIE/COPRAR GEFEG validation platform SMDGA fair agreement form frm GEFEG has been proposed. Board to discuss but Tresurer and Vice Chairman ok on the terms and started the further exchange pending final board approval. Solution part of the Above recommendation in building by JulienArthur Touzot

Jost Muller
DG Booking between carriers MSC, HLLSEE TS 7 Discussion and materials: process imbeded into technology and requiremntsPeeter guidoDTS10-SMDG-72-20181106-IFTMBF-Intro-Schroeder.pdf

Big thanks to Ori and most of all Michael schröder for its preparation
the Secretary general apology to Julien for the toolittle breafing beforehand.
thanks Paul to have answer my call on best practices.
Julien vangean - Ori - MichaelDTS7-SMDG-72-20181106-SMDGContainerMessages-Wauters.pdf
VGM/ VERMAS MSC, HLLRSA - Europe - japan - all okMichael - JostRAS
TPFREP SMDGSee remark made by hapag and concuring assembly asdvise to uniformised the xcel fils for the terminals not yet able to produce TPFREP Edi. The 3 companies started with the same original file but over the years some different requirements not coordinated originally appeared and made the 3 companies format deviating loading up the terminal by breashing a standard agreement.
Mr Schröder highlighted that new commers are joining as MSK. Further work to be done on alignment of the edi and Xcel between the users and the update rythm
Michael- Julien Vangeon- OriDTS8-SMDG-72-20181106-TPFREP-Schroeder-.pdf
APERAK messages for receiver confirmation AllSea containerPaul WautersDTS7-SMDG-72-20181106-SMDGContainerMessages-Wauters.pdf
AOB, Opening remark on Block chain, Collaboration platforms (XVELA…)Few Noticeable initiative on the Start Up
many iniciatives on platform. XVELA- ComCasp - Cyberlogitec. What is the fect on Edi and EDi flow. How do es they communicate with the poutside, do they develop Web service or APIS. What is the effect on the end users and the necessary transfromation of their missions into a more proactive, corrective managent substanciated by BI.
latest but not least Blockchain, We thank CGI to have made two of their .... availaible
Arthur TouzotDBP3-SMDG-72-20181106-CINS-PPT-Douglas.pdf

BlockChainReiner and Tom came to present us and explain us how their blockchain management was working out for the container industry. The dmonstration was quite convincing. We saw an element of disruption as per car manufacturing moving chain were the act of take the data is the marker and not the time, or space you are VS you should. It enable also the clear owner of the event and tracking attched to the ledger he generated.
It would be really interesting to build a sub group next meeting in NLMSV were few solution - CGI/ Reiner Beeckman (CMA-RWG-CGI) or Daniel Wilson (MSK-APMT-Tradelens) or other from ABN -AMRO would do. One of the target would be to see in the data movement confirmation process how blockchain ledger could trigger other operational updates mechanism and how one ldger on transshipment made by RWG and reloaded by APMT can be linked back to the mother ledger...plenty of great things to come with CGI, and hopfully TradeLens and ABN Amro.
Reiner Beeckman,

Address of the Venue  is


and conference fees is free for members – upon request for non members

Network events

– Tuesday 09 October 2018 – 

2-hour harbor cruise through the Port of Hamburg past the container terminals and through the HafenCity and Speicherstadt
On Tuesday, 9.10., From 18:30 to 20:30 (please be there on time or 6:15 pm)
Start St. Pauli Landungsbrücken 1
Ship: TBD
Small snacks and soft drinks as well as beer and wine are complementary.
Number of participants is limited (up to 60 people).
Application is closed

Wednesday 10 place Hapag-loyd sponsored by 

Drinks and Finger food at the Casino Bar in the Hapag-Lloyd building.

Food for thoughts on standardisation, technology and associated effciency 
Lloyd’s List – uk Online
Blockchain is ‘a money-burning disaster’

James Baker

Container shipping needs a body like the airlines’ IATA in order to establish standards for digitalisation, says Hapag-Lloyd’s Rolf Habben Jansen
Lack of industry-wide standards means moves to digitalise are fragmented blockchain cropped Blockchain’s sceptics fear its advocates are acting out of self-interest to make themselves costly
intermediaries on platforms they own and may end up ripping off the blockchain’s users.

BLOCKCHAIN is a “disaster” that lacks industry standardisation, and will “burn money and gain nothing”, according to Hapag-Lloyd chief executive Rolf Habben Jansen. 

Mr Habben Jansen, speaking at the Global Liner Shipping conference in Hamburg, said there was merit to an industry collaboration on blockchain,
but industry efforts to develop the technology for container shipping were too insular atthe present time.
“Everyone is setting their own standards and agenda,” Mr Habben Jansen said.

While the proposed collaboration between Maersk and IBM could be good for the industry from a technology perspective, there was no industry-wide governance.
“What is the governance for an industry-wide platform?” he said. “It cannot just be one company saying, ‘I have an industry platform, but I control it.
’”Nevertheless, he said there was some merit in an industry-wide collaboration on digitalisation and blockchain.

“Collaboration can help in some areas but regulatory issues make it difficult,” he said. “There is some merit in industryplatforms on blockchain, for example.”
Airline body IATA was a good example of how an industry-wide body could help with standards and make an industrymore efficient.
“That is very much missing in liner shipping,” Mr Habben Jansen said. “We encourage colleagues to do more in that area.”
Consolidation in the sector should also make it easier to collaborate, if the top six or seven carriers could get traction with shippers.
“It would help facilitate and enable global trade and not be anti-competitive,” Mr Habben Jansen said. “Our firm view is that it will happen in a truly collaborative manner if it can get critical mass.”
Mr Habben Jansen was speaking the day after HSBC said it carried out the world’s first trade finance transaction using a single blockchain platform, involving a shipment of soyabeans transported from Argentina to Malaysia.

SMDG body is there to create and maintain those efficient standards associating standardisation, technology, process and effciency for the  maritime Industry under ITIGG and UNCEFACT umbrella

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