74th Plenary Meeting – Singapore

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17. – 19. September 2019

SMDG would like to thank SMDG#74 Host CMA CGM for the historic meeting that brought a record of 74 attendees for 35 companies, 60% of the world tonnage, 30% of the world terminal capacity, and 40% of the world development capacity together.

Executive Summary

SMDG e.V. activities in 2019

  • After re-foundation the association’s statutes, were approved at 17.Dec. 2018 by German authorities. In early 2019 all due taxes and commercial authorities’ numbers for all operational activities have been received.
  • Change of board members and board structure. Mr Touzot resigned from his position of secretary general SMDG e.V. He will be replaced by the extension of the board from 5 to 10 members comprising chairs of the working groups.
  • The plenary expressed a recommendation to review the needs for a consolidation of the current terminal codes lists in order to service 100% of the needs within the digital logistic supply chain. It might become sensible to establish a common project together with parties requiring standardization of the Terminal Code List on performing and funding the necessary efforts. The board shall consult with the concerned requestors and potential supporting parties for activities to be taken.
  • Next meeting will be announced by December for spring 2020 and later for fall 2020. It is the intention to organize meetings alternating in Europe and Asia.
  • The updated meeting format: long plenary sessions up to 2 hours and not less than 1 hour, split of working groups enabled the attendees of the SMDG Plenary#74 for a deep dive in the details.

Keynote Sessions

  • In his introductory welcome Bruis van Driel, chairman of SMDG e.V., advised all attendees to abstain from disclosure of commercial information in presentations and discussions. Information exchange shall be restrained to purely technical and pre-competitive information.
  • Welcome notes from Ann-Christin Fröhmcke, project manager, CMA CGM, Highlighting the importance of Asia and coordination between the different stakeholders
  • The keynote speech from Klaus-Peter Barth, HPC-Hamburg made a recap of the historical initiatives by the industry to build necessary and efficient standards. SMDG was highlighted as the oldest one as funded firstly in the 1980´s. 
    A call for smart collaboration and financing from the latest initiatives such as Tradelens, Traxens and Digital Container Shipping Association to SMDG paradigm and scope was made to underline the critical need for the industry to professionalise core tasks such as Data Management Requests, Messages Implementation Guides, and most of all Terminal location codes, Operator codes and handling codes
  • The keynote presentation of CyberLogitec on CARA demonstrated the added values of collaborations and multi-stakeholder cargo flow management platforms was given.
  • Sue Probert, Chair of UNCEFACT gave a keynote speech  on the efforts for data standardisation in international Trade. 
    The Historic of Shipping standards was fully described through the business case of the Multi-Modal Transport (MMT) model that manage structure of trade and transport data and coordinates it. It represents one of the most powerful means of trades should it be used adequately either in EDI or web/APIs, IoT; etc. In addition, the Business Requirement Specification methodology was also exposed as optimum on the standardisation methodology process from user story to document definition for robust standard solutions
    Please find the links of the important documents presented by Sue ProbertDAD3- SMDG #74-20190919 UNCEFACT – SP.pdf

More Meeting Highlights:

  • Technical Stream Subgroupsachieved a great work within the extended plenary session
  • Webservices brilliantly presented by Tamme Bohlen. Delegates’ feedback positive on the standard expressed and proof of concept were exposed. The working group is now in a position to publish and implement the first web services standards on schedule, in alignment with the UN/CEFACT and the DCSA..
  • Code lists updates for terminal, liners, and handlings were presented.
  • BAPLIE, MOVINS, IFTMBF, IFTSAI, TPFREP: more than 21 DMRs were submitted from SMDG to UN/CEFACT for publication in D.19B directory.
  • The Business Process streams including Business best practices and certifications (GEFEG), presented impressive work coming to maturity.
  • A new subgroup active in RO/RO- Con/RO has been installed.

Special acknowledgement

We would like to thank

  • HPC Hamburg for their second to none help in the time provided by its employees to SMDG#74
  • Shin Shin Lung for her great professional work managing all marketing items for SMDG e.V. #74 before and during the events. This made a big difference for the association resulting to the biggest historical attendance.
  • SMDG would like to acknowledge Yoshi Kito and Jost Müller for 2 decades of contribution.
  • SMDG would like to acknowledge Hapag-Lloyd for the 2010´s Digital decade award in recognition of the work of: Wolf Retzko, Michael Schröder, Tamme Bohlen in the field of SMDG for the management of various EDIFACT messages, Codes and new EDI technologies. Hapag-Lloyd through the activities of Wolf, Michael and Tamme have exhibited second to none promotion in innovation and efficiency.
  • SMDG would like to acknowledge CMA CGM, Ann-Christin Fröhmcke and Julien Vangeon for bringing the SMDG meeting to Asia, first time in 16 years.







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