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Bookings, Arrival and Departure notices, Confirmations of arrival and departure, Orders, etc.:


Recommended Versions:

EDIFACT directory D.00B

COPRAR 2.1.3 ST VGM Vessel Discharge / Loading Order
COARRI 2.1.3 ST VGM Vessel Discharge / Loading Confirmation 
COPARN 2.1.3 ST VGM Full-in Booking Order / Empty-out Release
CODECO 2.1.3 ST VGM Gate in/out confirmation
COREOR 2.0 04/03 ST   Full-out Release
COPINO 2.0 04/03 ST   Pre-arrival Notice
COEDOR 2.0 02/01 TR   Stock Report
COSTOR 1.0 09/96 TR   Stuffing Order
COSTCO 1.0 09/96 TR   Stuffing Confirmation
COHAOR 1.0 09/96 TR   Container Handling Order


Older Versions:

EDIFACT directory D.95B

COARRI 1.6.2
CODECO 1.6.2
COPARN 1.6.2
COPRAR 1.6.2




ST = Stable, in use, ready for use; TR = Ready for trials. Not stable yet

IMPORTANT REMARKS CONCERNING THE COPRAR, COARRI, CODECO and COPARN MIG’s: These were all upgraded to cater for the VGM requirements. See below for the upgraded documents.

Note: VERMAS documentation can be found in the Various Messages section.