Vessel Schedules

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Working Group Chairs: Michael Schröder and Robèrt Roestenburg 

The IFTSAI is used for transmission of one vessel and one voyage. It is typically sent out by the vessel operator.

One voyage can be defined as a round voyage, or a half voyage, or a coastal schedule, depending on mutual agreement. In any case, a voyage consists of two or more ports called by the vessel. Data contained for the vessel: Vessel Name, Vessel ID, Voyage Number.

Data contained for each port of call:
Port and terminal code, ETA, ETD, cut-off times, connecting vessel/voyage.

A new version IFTSAI 3.0 is in work. It will include the following enhancements:

Enhancements added on D.13B

  1. Include possible feeder connections
  2. Add Partner Lines (Co-Loaders)

Enhancements added on D.17A

  1. New qualifiers for cut-off times in the DTM

Enhancements added on D.17B

  1. Include connecting vessels for both pre-carriage and on-carriage, with their vessel/voyage/ports/ETD resp ETA

Enhancements added in D.18A

  1. Two new qualifiers added in the DTM for “Estimated arrival at Pilot” (820) and “Actual arrival at Pilot” (821)

Enhancement added in D.19B

  1. Reporting the “Transport Service Code” in the TDT segment by Composite Data Element C290


Any questions and requests should be addressed to the WG-chair.

The latest Message Implementation Guideline can be found in Vessel Schedules