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The SMDG Terminal Code List (TCL) contains codes for container handling terminal facilities that are called by seagoing cargo vessels in maritime transport.

download code list (version 19. April 2024)

download the description of the code list

General remarks

The TCL is maintained and published by the SMDG. Requests for a new terminal code as well as requests for terminal entry changes, corrections, and deletions shall be addressed to filling up  the Terminal code application form.

A change of an existing terminal code will be accepted by the SMDG only for justified reasons. A justified reason could for example be a change of the operating company if the old code was directly linked to the old operator’s name.

The latest version of the SMDG terminal code list is published on for free download (several updates per year).

The SMDG is officially recognized by the UN/CEFACT as Child Code List Agency. The SMDG Terminal Codes are considered as child codes of a UN/LOCODE in the sense that they define a geographic subset of a UN/LOCODE.

SMDG Terminal Facilities on the world map: 

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