Terminal Performance

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Working Group Chair: Michael Schroeder

The Terminal Performance Reporting message is sent from the Terminal to the Vessel Operator and, if agreed, to each Container Operator after vessel departure from a port.

Purpose is to transmit terminal productivity data and equipment movement summary, related to the complete vessel.

The message contains following information items:

  • Vessel timesheet
  • Crane timesheets, Crane Delays and delay reasons
  • Number of Moves per Crane
  • Number of boxes load / discharge / restow broken down by Container operator, full/MT, 20’/40′
  • Number of hatch cover moves

Based on this information the gross / net productivity by vessel and by crane can be calculated.

Benefits for the Terminal:

  • Provide only one standard message to all container operators, versus many individual formats as before.
  • To create and send the message electronically saves time and money compared to creating individual reports manually and sending by email.
  • For contract negotiations, both partners have the same data source available.

Benefits for the Carrier:

  • All TDR in a central database allows structured analyses, e.g. over time series
  • Consistency, easy to compare different terminals.
  • Save manual workload for Port Ops
  • Timeliness
  • Accuracy

Any questions and requests should be addressed to the WG-chair.

The latest Message Implementation Guideline can be found in Terminal Performance