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Working Group Chair: Julien Vangeon

This working group was introduced in SMDG  upon MAERSK and CMA CGM request in Copenhagen SMDG Meeting 67 and under further request 

Within the current wave of:

  • Industry consolidation whether merging and acquisition for lines ( CMA-CGM- APL, HLL-UASC, COSC-CSCL, KLine- MOL- NYK, MAERSK- HSD) or terminals
  • The building of giant alliances,
    • 2M (MSK-MSC-Hyundai-ZIM),
    • THE ALLIANCE (Hapag Lloyd, ONE, Yang Ming)
  • The need of independent ocean carriers to find strong partners ( PIL, ZIM, Wan hai, Xpress feeders, KMTC, IRISL, ICL, EMIRATEs, TS Lines, ARKAS, UNIFEEDER, ….)
  • The implementation of the VGM,

The industry has the opportunity and strong need to find efficiency and standardization within its communication exchange business process around an accurate application process of EDI/ SMDG e.V. formats.

The first gains are:

  • Decrease of dual manual work to the sender and the receiver VS excel format exchange like booking forecast (load recap) or schedules or terminal departure report…
  • Increase of system automation enabling the follow up of VGM and handling/ stowage requirements
  • Optimized loading process and capacity management…..

A new subgroup has thus been created under the chairmanship of CMA CGM to lead the work that would establish:

  • Vessel sharing agreement VSA/ Contract SMDG recommendation for COPRAR format accuracy and then other format
  • Inventory of the present usage within the frame above
  • Inventory of operational gains moving from XLS load recap to COPRAR load list
  • Define recommended common process of application within the carrier’s environment and with the terminals
  • Study the use by the carriers of the GEFEG portal for EDI validation as a mean of arbitration for EDI format accuracy

This is the second of several common intercompany communication and business process that will be tackled by this subgroup after VGM and before TPFREP.

Other workgroups for terminals and providers are intended to be formed during next SMDG. If you wish to join please contact

Any questions and requests should be addressed to the WG-chair.