Container Messages

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Working Group Chair: Paul Wauters

Short introduction

The workgroup Container Messages is responsible for the maintenance of the following messages:

  • COPRAR    (Discharging and Loading Order) LINE to TERMINAL and LINE to LINE for vessel sharing agreement or alliances
  • COARRI     (Discharging and Loading Confirmation) TERMINAL to LINE
  • CODECO   (Gate In or Gate Out report Truck, Train, Barge) TERMINAL to LINE
  • COPARN    (Booking) LINE to TERMINAL
  • COREOR   (Release Order) LINE to TERMINAL
  • COPINO     (Pick Up Notification) LINE or FORWARDER to TERMINAL
  • COEDOR   (Stock Report) TERMINAL to LINE
  • COHAOR   (Handling Order) LINE to TERMINAL
  • COSTCO   (Stuffing/Stripping Confirmation) TERMINAL to LINE
  • COSTOR   (Stuffing/Stripping Order) LINE to TERMINAL

 Further documentations can be found in Container Messages.

Recommendation #6 shows the typical usage of these Edifact Messages and the corresponding business use case that is covered by them

Any questions and requests should be addressed to the WG-chair.