Working Group Chair: Jasmin Drönner

Working area of this group is the definition of standard codes that enable the transmission of data in machine readable coded form. The working group administrates code lists maintained by SMDG and cares for update requests in code lists maintained by other standardization bodies (e.g. UN/CEFACT, ISO, etc).

SMDG maintains following code lists:

  • Terminal Code List (container terminals called by sea-going vessels, no inland terminals)
  • Liner Code List (container shipping lines)
  • Handling Code List (codes for container handling requests during transport)
  • Stowage Code List (codes for loading and discharge instructions on board a vessel)
  • DG Attributes Code List (codes describing properties and hazards in the transport of dangerous goods)
  • VGM Code List (codes describing details of SOLAS verification of gross mass)
  • Delay Code List (codes describing reasons of delay during transport)
  • Terminal Activity Code List TERMACT (codes describing terminal activities  reported in terminal performance report)

For more details about each code list and downloads see menu item SMDG code lists. The different code lists are maintained by different sub-working groups, each chaired by a vice group chair.

Recommendation #7 shows the typical usage of these Edifact Messages and the corresponding business use case that is covered by them.

Any questions and requests should be addressed to the WG-chair.