BAPLIE/MOVINS (Ship Planning)

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Working Group Chair:  Jost Müller

BAPLIE is the electronic representation of the stowage plan of a container vessel. A “Final BAPLIE” is created by the port terminal and shows all containers on board of a vessel when leaving a port. The message BAPLIE is also used during the stow planning process before the vessel arrives in a port (“Arrival BAPLIE”).
MOVINS (Move Instructions) are sent from the vessel operator to the port terminal and contain the stowage instructions, including the planned stow position for each container.

The workgroup is responsible for the following messages:

  • BAPLIE 2.x 
  • BAPLIE 3.x
  • MOVINS 2.x
  • MOVINS 3.x (under development)

Although still maintained, the use of BAPLIE versions 2.x is deprecated. Its message structure is based on ancient EDIFACT directory D.95B and does not really comply with demands of modern business requirements. 

BAPLIE version 3 provides a new message structure adopted to current business requirement (EDIFACT directory D.13B and later). An extensive explanation of the advantages of BAPLIEv3 is provided in document  Why BAPLEv3.

(N.B. BAPLIE 1.5 is no longer supported by SMDG e.V. , although the message documentation can still be downloaded from our website)

MOVINS version 2 messages are outdated for the same reason as BAPLIEv2.x. We try to maintain the message implementation guidelines (MIG) for including latest requirements from the community, but focus on a new MIG for MOVINSv3.

The latest version of Message Implementation Guidelines for maintained BAPLIE and MOVINS versions can be found under menu item documents.

Recommendation #6 shows the typical usage of these EDIFACT Messages and the corresponding business use case that is covered by them.

Any questions and requests should be addressed to the WG-chair.