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Recommendation # 01: Tier numbering for vessels capable of carrying 10 tiers or more on deck. (July 2014)

Recommendation # 02: Containers with non-ISO identification (July 2014)

Recommendation # 03: Use of COREOR and COPARN for container release (April 2015)

Recommendation # 04: It has been notified by SMDG e.V. Ocean carrier and terminal members that:

  • some vessels were still not updated with the proper version to read at least BAPLIE 2.2 containing VGM.
  • SMDG Ocean carrier require Terminals not yet capable to generate BAPLIE 2.2 to update their systems

All stakeholders are requested to upgrade their loading computers and Terminal Operating Systems to BAPLIE 2.2 at least that contains VGM 

Recommendation # 05: It has been notified by SMDG   e.V. Ocean carrier and terminal members that some stakeholders are still not up to date with VERMAS1.0 using still preliminary versions.

All stakeholders are requested to upgrade their systems when using VERMAS to VERMAS 1.0

Recommendation # 06:  This document lists a set of standard Edifact messages that are typically exchanged between a carrier and a terminal, with their underlying use case. (DRAFT Feb. 2020)

Recommendation # 07:  This document describes the usage of the most recent version of code lists – independent of the EDIFACT directory version of the message. (update Nov. 2023)

Recommendation #8:   This document describes the best practice for EDI transmission of “empty tank containers with residues“.