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The 76th SMDG Plenary Meeting took place from 10. – 12. May 2022 in Helsinki (Finland). We are thankful to Ann-Christin Fröhmcke of CMA CGM and Shin Shin Lung for their guidance in organizing the event.


The Sessions

Session Presenter Topic Presentation Minutes
Keynote Heiko Meyer Obsolete or Relevant
Does UN/EDIFACT have a future for the maritime industry?


Best practice for EDI between carrier and terminal Julien Vangeon Present SMDG recommendation #6 slides  
Feeder Workshop I Ann-Christin Fröhmcke Julien Vangeon Discuss process issues and technical challenges with Feeders, Shipping Lines, Terminals, and Forwarders  slides download
Feeder Workshop II Ann-Christin Fröhmcke Julien Vangeon Summary of discussions slides download
Smart Containers I Ann-Christin Fröhmcke Smart Container challenges for CMA CGM slides download
Smart Containers II Jasmin Drönner Smart Containers – Challenges for the terminal slides download
Code Lists I Mark Lim SMDG Terminal code list slides download
Code Lists II Jasmin Drönner SMDG Liner code list slides download
Code Lists III Douglas Owen BIC facility code list
SMDG recommendation#7  Jost Müller Recommendation to
always use the latest code list
slides download
SMDG recommendation#8

Jost Müller
Michael Schröder

Recommendation about the transfer of
empty tanks with residues
slides download
Container Messages Robèrt Roestenburg
Paul Wauters
Enhancements of Container Messages slides download
Vessel Schedules Michael Schröder Progress in the IFTSAI messages and
discussion of further developments
Inter-carrier booking of special cargo

Ramina Maschal
Michael Schröder
Tamme Bohlen

Inter-carrier booking of out-of-gauge, breakbulk slides download
Inter-carrier booking of dangerous goods Ramina Maschal Booking of dangerous goods between partner-lines slides download
ANSI X.12 recommendations Michael Schröder Usage of SMDG and BIC codes in ANSI X.12 slides  



76th - day 1

76th day 2


76th day3

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Meeting Attendees


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